Lyrics: Michael Abalos

Red rain flowing in (Inside)
I hear your voice,
Echo in my mind (Mind)

I've heard your voice calling out to me
I've seen you wonder but i was
Blind to see, so blind
I've packed my bag,
Solved my own riddle and go

I'm Blinded by the city lights
I'm coming back into your light
I'm coming back into your arms again (2×)

I know its hard living in
Alone in a cold dark night
You've heard my voice calling out to you
You've seen I tried
So open up your heart to see
Open up your heart to me

Been hiding from the sunlight
Tried to take away the pain
Solved my own riddle and go

I've been blinded
Blinded by the city lights
Repeat chorus (2×)

Contributed by Isabella L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Miss Ria

After ng retrospect, napunta na ako dito. Nice songs. More powers and God bless Tihtus! ❤️


Hi. Maraming salamat po! We appreciate you ;)

Crystal Quim Diwa

It's been a year & this is still iconic ✨


@Crystal Quim DiwaSobrang nakaka inspire and motivate naman po. Definitely we will keep making music Maraming salamat sa suporta. Much appreciated

Crystal Quim Diwa

Keep making good music!! Will support y'all always 🧡🧡


Thank you Tala. We're flattered you cam back to this video after a year :) Maraming salamat.

Kobe Brian Santos

Srsly, why are guys not that famous???? Your songs are awesome!


@Kobe Brian Santos Madali lang bo to.
Intro: B - E
Verse: B - E
Pre-Chorus: B -E
Chorus: B - E
Bridge: Eb - E - Eb - E
Instrumental: F# - E - F# - E


Kahit ho kami di rin namin alam. hehehe joke

Kobe Brian Santos

Ps. Pede po makahingi ng chords hehe

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