TWO-J Lyrics

[Yung Joc]
Let's see, the definition of a real nigga
Is about it by this motherfuckin' song right here
You know, it took two real niggas to collab
And make some motherfuckin' shit happen, man
This ya' boy Yung Joc; you know Block Entertainment
And my motherfuckin' nigga Trae, asshole by nature
Hey, Trae, tell em' what you is, nigga

I'm a gangsta' to the end, ridin' for the set
Black Chevrolet wit' the paint still wet
J's on my toes, loc's on my eyes
Crawlin' on fours, every time I slide by
Nothin' less to the truth; I'm the streets of the South
Hos on my swag 'cause the diamond's on my mouth
But I move low key, posted in the trap
Raw wit' the rap to put my hood on the map
I'm a do this shit for H.A.W.K. and his brother named Pat
And my partner named Screw, so I let the trunk crack
What they know about that, hataz betta chill
Plus I'm packin' sumtin' that they classify as steel
Reppin' my block, still doin' my thang
Trunk full of bang, holdin' ABN gang
Screwed up click, I'm a let the world know
Before it's all over, we could make the world slow

You can find me in my hood, swangin' in the drop
Trunk popped up, now I'm lettin' back the top
Loc's on my face, and my grill so clean
Dirty grand talk, boppers hoppin' on my team
Movin' so slow, bangin' my screw
Movin' so slow, bangin' my screw
Movin' so slow, bangin' my screw
Hop out on the block, still holla', what it do

[Yung Joc]
Talk to 'em
'65 Impala, Chevy SS
The top disappear, see the clear VVS
I guess you know the name, ya even gotta say it
When I say it's goin' down, S-K start sprayin'
Block E-N-T and A-B-N niggas in charge
Errbody muggin', niggas face stiff as starch
I'm a let you pull your card, but watch how quick I pull it
Hey, fuck the semi-auto; my niggas pack fullest
We bullies on the block; the hustle don't stop
It's eat what you kill; that's the model off top
Yeah, it's the A-Town and the H-Town
Tell 'em this the shakedown, lay face down
Me and my nigga Trae gettin' cake now
Splittin' down the middle fifty-fifty, that's the breakdown
Baby, keep yo' face down, and don't talk back
You can find me in the hood, nigga, distributin' packs


Hop out the block like I'm still hittin' stains
Platinum in the hood, so they tend to know my name
Yellow VS1's got me switchin' up the game
Might hop, flop, top droppin' like the rain
Hos talk down, Trae never get mad
Lyrics so screwed, still checkin' my swag
Got me certified playa since the day of my birth
Grab a couple million, and I can show you what I'm worth
Sittin' so low every time I come down
Trunk just popped, so I'm showin' my surround
84's got me tippin' so low to the ground
Still hittin' licks, movin' off the Greyhound
Watch it for the laws, I ain't fuckin' wit' da time
Gotta getcha wit' my prime, ain't gon' stop my shine
I advise that they let the truth to the throne
If you say I ain't the realest, say, bitch, you dead wrong



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