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Takahito Eguchi & Noriko Matsueda Shinko Ogata Lyrics

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00:10 - 01. Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~ / 風紋 ~3つの軌跡~
03:21 - 02. Yuna's Ballad / ユウナのバラード
09:07 - 03. Paine's Theme / パインのテーマ
12:13 - 04. Creature Create / クリーチャークリエイト
16:13 - 05. Calm Lands / ナギ平原
19:52 - 06. Zanarkand Ruins / ザナルカンド遺跡
23:04 - 07. The Akagi Squad / アカギ隊
27:15 - 08. From "Nightmare in the Cave" / 「洞窟の悪夢」より
28:29 - 09. Demise / 終焉
32:15 - 10. 1000 Words / 1000の言葉
38:03 - 11. Epilogue ~Reunion~ / エピローグ ~再会~
42:04 - 12. Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~ / 久遠 ~光と波の記憶~

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Thomas Feng

this album was so instrumental in my musical and personal upbringing. I never played any of the games but was obsessed with the music and bought both the album and the sheet music sometime around 2007-08. this collection stands out among the series with its super overt jazz influences too. I've always loved "Wind Crest" and "Akagi Party" and "Demise"... the opening of Demise is so unusual, asking the pianist to touch the string to change its timbre/resonance, and the way it is a slow, spiraling build, unexpected for a battle theme, haunting and strange.

I'm now a pianist and composer ("for a living") and I don't know where I would be without this music, that was written specifically to bring us to other worlds, to have us believe in them... really special. thanks for putting this together.

Cameron Floyd

Well, I can play the first few measures of 'Demise' at least

Diego de la Guardia



Just so insanely complex and beautiful. They went all out for this and its gorgeous.


Definitely my favourite Piano Collections album. Eternity ~Memories etc~ is the tune that got me into playing the piano in the first place. Sadly I still cannot play the piano, but I do love following the score as the music plays. Thanks!


+Buffoon1980 Totally agree. I think the music is not FF-like but definitely beautiful.

Théophile Phanoune

I just love the sort of fake climax at 47:00.
I mean, after these big crescendos and rythmic mantras, you're waiting for an explosion on the inital theme, something epic, but the result is in fact quite soft and reserved. It's beautiful.

Dee Dumeday

Wind Crest is incredible.

Elmo The Fried Waffle King

it is one my favs as well.



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