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A Flower Blooming in the Slums
Takeharu Ishimoto Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Takeharu Ishimoto:

Calling Calling, you hear the calling Calling, you hear the calling…
Long Dream Every day streets are crowded with people Every night street…
The Price of Freedom Lying next to you, I'm holding your hand Gentle eyes of…
Three Minutes Clapping Time, I won't ever give in No matter how hard you…
Twister "Brain ware, main wave" Psycho got a high kick Collect and s…

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natsuki arima

Carlos and Kabbaway:

Why the two of you are so triggered by his/her comment? Does reading comprehension left the two of you? He/She clearly said that Zack (Kenichi Suzumura) and Aerith (Maaya Sakamoto) Japanese VA are married in REAL LIFE, GET IT??


just like TAKAHIRO SAKURAI (CLOUD VA) said during FFVII 15th anniversary 'Zack and Aerith are FINALLY TOGETHER'..

IF THE TWO OF YOU are sure that 'ZERITH' is not canon, why bother commenting a long ass post that NO ONE ASKED FOR.

Seriously, don't rain on their parade and GET HELP.

Cubao Gaming


"Not quite. Church in the slums."
"An angel?"
"How are you?"
"This is the 89th letter that I've sent you.."

Zack and Aerith is the best love story FF ever had

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Aerith: Hell-llooooo? Zack: Mom? Aerith: Hell-lloo? Hooray! Zack: Heaven? Aerith: Not quite, church in the slums Zack: An angel? Aerith: No, I'm Aerith Gosh best scene ever<3

Meijin Wari

And then the final hello hit me like a goddamm truck


So fangirling over this scene lol.

Crusty _Cookie

Fall in to flowers *survives

lenny most

My skin has goose bumps when i hear this.

Phu Le Khac

9 years old cmt :))

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Adam Matlack

I like this version of Aerith's Theme. The tone suggests it's not her time yet. You can sit back and enjoy her life a bit longer.

Chris R


I am F • 60 years ago

@Adam Matlack I offer thee this silent sacrifice

Adam Matlack

@Aaron G right?? That swift kick in the nuts would be cold...

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