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Led Zeppelin
by Tame Impala

Senses taking over, thought to set me free
I tried to get up but it was pouring down on me
Keeps on getting deeper, desperately to be,
Said there's some guy interested in dragging it out of me
Ooooh, it's what I need, ooooh

Tell me you're in love to let it show
Just (?) magic, I was far enough to see it
Better than to get just what a stranger did to me
Is it 'cause I love, is it 'cause I don't, well, I just don't know
Keep on asking me, darling, let me see it, keep on asking
Is there any way to let it go?

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Nick Saur

Let's be very clear about this. Tame Impala - Led Zeppelin.

Nunya Beeswax

@yoosh gkjshgr hlkahrli ut;oukjhea; tliuw 4y


Lets be clear about this tame Impala > led Zeppelin

kryo gennek

Nice haha

John Smith

@Slime650 Highfood -


@Daisy Duke ​I wrote a highly hyperbolic and clearly tongue in cheek comment about the cultural origins of rock music in response to straight up casual racism, and you come back to me with this literally irrelevant shit about copyright law and chord progressions not being "black" while also apparently trying to take some moral high ground about how I'm being prejudiced (??) in my "critique" of "my favourite music"

C o o l
B e a n s
D u d e

You may as well have smashed your fingers on the keys at random

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Ali Rafiei

This song is from a parallel universe where John Lennon was the lead singer for led Zeppelin

Kamille James

@Kevin Scholfield idk about purest man, I hear where you're coming from but Cream was also phenomenal

John Lennon

How'd you know?


Huckleberry Finn They didnt break up asshole, Bonham died, so everyone respectfully accepted it.

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