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My Lover Mother Nature
by Tame Impala

Outer space is the only place to hide now
From whoever wants to know where you are
Everything is easier than ever
When we fall baby we fall so hard

First confide when the primates tried to warn him
When Adam rode off to make a fire
Mother Nature whispered to the apes now
We'll rebuild this place when they are gone

I was just another one
Waiting for the bees to come
I was Mother Nature's son
But I was just another one
Just another one

Contributed by Liam T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

tim stewart

I though that I had heard all of tames old house recordings months ago, but I keep running into ones Ive never heard before.

Travis Davis

Old tame and these rare tracks are so refreshing. The EP, and albums 1&2 are insanely good. Not a huge fan of their latest stuff, but I hope they decide to go back to exploring psychedelia.


+Alex Minassian Perfectionists rarely appreciate the rawness, even of their own sound.


+tim stewart same. and im just like why wouldnt they release these demos? theyre awesome! and people have really been looking for the more psychidelic stuff lately since the release of currents. I think its's because kevin is a very extreme perfectionist. that's also why i think he hasn't released any AAA Aardvark Services or Kevin Spacey stuff officially.

Araceli Romero

I have massive respect and deep admiration for Kevin Parker. Rad musician.

Bogdan Buda

so if Pink Floyd and the Beatles had planted a seed, then this?

Levi Cupra

george harrison and david gilmour had a baby, then john lennon and syd barrett had a baby, and those two babies had a baby it would be kevin

Omar Luna

He thought he was bullying me... What a yankee weirdo!

Bogdan Buda

this was the first comment i read this morning. made my day.

Popcorn Sutton

+Omar Luna Lovely response. Do you even have plumbing?

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