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The Bold Arrow of Time
Tame Impala Lyrics

Overhead ether flow, moment
Colours run. Time, so slow.

I've never seen the arrow of
Time fly, so, slow.

And time flows on.


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Comments from YouTube:

The 3rd Jake From State Farm

Hendrix style riffs

David Hanson

@ÁlvG all I'm saying is the songs remind me of each other. Maybe it's not the guitar in both songs but something about them sounds similar lol


@David Hanson I play both songs and i know for sure its not true. This song is as similar to Hendrix as it is to Pantera, Motorhead, or even The Beatles. Just because they all use Pentatonics to riff. This song is based on power chords, Hendrix is not a power chord player... Plus, look at the solo, hendrix never does a solo like this, flooded with effects... He phrases. You are forcing a perspective that is based on nothing.

David Hanson

@ÁlvG after listening to Machine Gun I came back to this. so I gotta agree with the OP, that main riff is similar to one of the riffs in Machine Gun at least


hmmm nope, it looks like a light stoner rock. Believe me, i play a lot of Jimi hendrix hhahahah

Mazen Mohamed

Travis Scott is a legend for sampling this wooooow.
(He sampled it on Piss On Your Grave)


The first 30 seconds sounds like a car advertisement


Flowerfairy9116 yeah i was surprised when it started playing on Spotify Tame Impala Radio. “Wait, this song exists outside commercials targeting manly men???”


idontrlycarethtmuch Cool, I didn’t know that. It just felt like a song that they’d drive a truck off roads with or something in an advertisement, I didn’t think it was actually used in one.


Probably because you’ve heard it in a commercial before. It’s in an ad for 1800 tequila with Ray Liotta

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