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When The Feelings In The Core
by Tame Impala

Send me back, the feeling's reached the core
Ocean waves sound more like whispers from the shore

See my eyes look back again once before
See my eyes look back again once before

There is?
There's nothing that I need to say

See my eyes look back again once before
See my eyes look back again once before
Once before

See my eyes look back again once before
See my eyes look back again once before
See my eyes look back again once before
(Once before)
See my eyes look back again once before

Feeling in the core
Feeling in the

Feeling in the core
Feeling's in the core

Contributed by Scarlett B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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one day I am going to purchase or download every single Tame Impala song released. I am then going to drop acid and listen to all this music, chronologically, and watch Kevin Parker explain the universe to me through poetics.

Dark Madder

@styk0n If you see Emily play it is because she always rides for free.

Dark Madder

​@styk0n Personally, though I have moved past the necessity _ I found LSD to be a THERAPEUTIC experience. It really helped me "Get outside myself" and not be an oblivious asshole my whole life. Self-analysis. Of course - know your source. Don't take GARBAGE and DON'T TAKE TOO MUCH. Inform yourself. Strychnine is POISON and has NO PLACE in the LSD formula. As for too much the LSD generally in circ these days is HUGELY less powerful than what they dropped in the early days. The dose that caused the formula's discoverer to hallucinate a city bus to turn into a fire-breathing dragon, carefully detailed in his notes leading to the cancellation of tenure for being a MADMAN, was considerably more powerful than the still staggeringly strong tabs one could then buy legally in headshops in S.F., which was EXPONENTIALLY STRONGER than what GENERALLY is circulating now online, etc...
ACTUAL LSD is not "Dangerous" unless perhaps you have PRE-EXISTING MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, but the SAME COULD BE SAID FOR ALCOHOL, certain Pharmaceuticals etc. But you can't "OD" on LSD, you can't get past a certain point of abstract/ it . just. lasts. longer. This can FEEL unending, which gets the TRIPS rolling, sure. It's the worst part.
BTW - those "Headshops" that sold over the counter LSD as party favors, ALSO sold CLEAN/STERILE PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE "BUFF" for the extremely dangerous powder drugs, as opposed to the scrapings from flophouse drywall or granny's pills, ANYTHING to add weight. It has been the War WITH Drugs for some time, generating beaucoup dollars for black ops without having to bend and scrape to Congress, the consequential unfortunate paperwork/docs and wielded as a "Social Disruption" tool against marginalized communities, filtering the survivors into the institutions of higher learning known as the privatized prison system, nutrifying an increasingly militarized POLICE STATE AT WAR with the citizens instead of/as OPPOSED TO - COMMUNITY PEACEKEEPING.
As a result - the ELSEWHERE SUCCESSFUL policies/practices of HARM REDUCTION (Portugal, Canada, etc) are SUPPRESSED within the US, keeping them in a particular self f-ing pooploop, perpetually and escalatingly...
In regards to the worst part, for myself anyhow and others - as I said being the LENGTH of the trip, there is a firm in the incredibly Liberal Netherlands that makes a new analog that is very short duration integrated with ecstasy/MDMA. Moving ONWARDS...


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that shit was so funny

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