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My mom and dad are Teochew. They are business people that lived in Saigon, VN. They can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Fukkien, Teochew, Hainese, Japanese, Vietnamese and English. They were very fluent because they do business to all sorts of people. The bad thing is that they are bad teachers to their kids. My two elder sisters probably speak more languages than my older brother and I. Oldest sister speak Teochew, Cantonese, English and Vietnamese. My second older sister speak Teochew, Mandarin, English and Vietnamese. My brother and I were left to speak only Teochew, English and Vietnamese. I can listen to Cantonese about 30-40% of it. Majority is guessing.

Teochew and the Guangdong people in the past did not really like each other. Fights always broke out in both societies back then. Kinda weird that both are Chinese but still ethnic prejudice always come into play. Majority of different ethnic diversity of race don't really get along.

Presently, I marry a half Chinese Vietnamese. Her parents are Cantonese though. It's funny that I can understand more Cantonese than my wife. lol. Sometime I make fun of her poor Cantonese skill. The sad part of Chinese children living in VN and any other cultures are that they are loosing the heritage of their ancestor. I can't say about myself because rarely do I hear Teochew in any conversation. Sometime I have to tell Chinese Han people that I'm Teochew and they just look puzzle and see me as a small minority group of ethnic Chinese tribes or something.

Well, majority of Teochew people are in Singapore.

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jason chang

Thank you for helping me learn more about the history of my people.

The China History Podcast

Thanks Jason. I learned a lot too in researching this episode.

Elizabeth Tiv

I speak Teochew dialect. So my auntie was right that people in Thailand know Teochew..

The China History Podcast

I've seen and heard it spoken there many times.

Vanna Nou

Thank you so much for sharing the history of Teochew people. I'm a Teochew from Cambodia but I know very little about Teochew because of the Khmer Rouge. I learned so much from your episode and I'm so proud to be a Teochew nang.

Teaya Bern

Thank you, I learnt a lot today. I'm Eurasian, my dad is half spanish half suluk, my mom is half iban half chinese (Teochew) I speak english, malay and chinese mainly Teochew and Hokkien dialects since I was a toddler. However I don't know much about our Teochew heritage except the fact that my great grandparent from my mom's side came from China and they are Teochew.


my ancestors are teochew peopel! thank you so much for this because now i can learn about them

The Ming Warrior

The Teochew people also refer to each other using the greeting SeeGaNgin ZiJiRen (Our People), Whenever one greets another.
This also a defining characteristic of us Hakka People


Great details of the Teochew people but I'm dissapointed...the Teochew is not a 'dialect' it is a full stand alone language...a very ancient Chinese language.

The China History Podcast

Who am I to argue this point? A very ancient Chinese language indeed. I had some sources that called it a 方言. Thanks for accentuating that point about not necessarily being a dialect. I honestly dare not weigh in on that

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