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I Want To Start A Band
Tao Lin Lyrics

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Gotta change my answering machine
Now that i'm alone
Coz right now it says that we
Can't come to the phone
And I know it makes no sense
Coz you walked out the door
But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore
Said I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing
She were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs
So sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio~

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If he won't be one of the 11 boys, in the end, then I will throw hands for real. The power, talent, and visuals he has are truly astonishing.

I will be here after the finale to tell you if our wishes were heard or not.


he is currently ranked number 1 😁❤️

Nene diallo

Guys download WeTV and vote for him please. Let help this talented man be part of the 11 who will debut.

Zeus Ng

FTR This is still a China show

cava guynh

Depend on you, VOTE

th Ph

yeah, me too.

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Jessie Chen V.

Not gonna lie but I srsly think the international trainees this season are way better than majority of the trainees 💗hope they make it till the very end 💜💜

Jien Yang

@Saski International trainees are weak except Santa and rikimaru


International trainees are ALWAYS better I’m not even joking 😭😭😭 their vocals just hit different

Dibidibidi XD

It's ok all of china thinks the same. We found most chinese trainees cringy and prefered the many of the international trainee's performances.

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