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Tao Lin: Taipei
Tao Lin Lyrics

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he has the charisma of a wet carrot

Justin Kennedy

There are parts of this book that were pretty humorous and some that were even pretty insightful. I can see why people may've been put off by it. The narrator basically runs around doing a bunch of drugs and other characters kind of filter in and out of his life. They do random shit like snort heroin before going to see X-Men First Class and then tweet from different places in the theater, or take ecstasy and record themselves in a Taiwanese McDonald's, making fun of pictures on the wall. Some would say it's pointless and maybe even irritating but I would venture to say it's almost like On the Road but for the internet generation. There is no meaning found anywhere. Maybe that's where our generation's at. (I say "our" because I am a 20 something guy who spends way too much time on the internet myself). Overall, I liked it, and want to read more of his work. He's definitely a weird guy, as can be seen in this video. Chances are he was probably on drugs for this reading.

Emery Reese

I never thought to connect it to On the Road but that makes a lot of sense.


this is so funny. and good. i'm gonna learn more about octopus now bye 


Well I'm actually quite curious to know how long he can pull that of: writing books about he touring the usa for his previous book, high.

Tiny TOE Press

Think this is interesting. On June 25th, same book tour in Austin (BookPeople), Tao Lin wore the same outfit. Go to TheOpenEnd and search for Tao Lin Reading to see a pic.

Jonathan Laliberte

Very cool. Nice work


This guy needs to sign up for toastmasters. It would serve him well.

At 6:40 he definitely looks like he is flicking everyone off. Probably unintentional, but still...

Theos Truax



He went to NYU majoring in journalism, I'm pretty sure it's fair to say that he's fluent in English.

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