Too Much
Tara Kemp Lyrics

Too much for us to hold on to
In a world where we can't be
Just me and you

Too much, it's more than I can bear
In a world where love and war
Have to be compared

In some ancient past
Love was all there was
But in modern life
We're condemned to strife
No time for love

This love affair was heaven made
You're a pagan god and I'm passion slave
But we're captured here in this world of hate
Where no one wins and no one relates

There will be a day
When we can play in a sea of blue
But now we are here
And all that we fear
Is coming true

This love affair was meant to be
When you are here you're all that I see
But we can't ignore what life has in store
For those less fortunate than we

There will be a day
When we can play in a sea of blue
But now we are here
And all that we fear
Is coming true

It's too much for me and you
U know what we have to do
It's too late to hesitate
We've got to turn this world hate
Into love.

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Comments from YouTube:

Peachy Brown

This song had a such a strong meaning and Tara Kemp is one of those prolific singers that never got quite her due. She is beautiful, a great mom, and above all an amazing live singer. We would do well to have her back in this Pop/RnB market today to show some of them how its really done. I miss you TARA!!!!

Freddy Sol

Crystal Brown. What a beautful song!!!!

Marcin Dalczynski

This Is PURE magic.


Yes it is !!

Tony Stuart

That 90's sound...Priceless!


Thanks Angel. My Name is Tomasz, Polnish Version (Regular Version is Tomas) U tell my name very often. Iยดm here for u :)

Paul Shalom

Who ever mixed the vocals should be tarred and feathered. Sub par.


this is a good song it is a shame the record company that Tara Kemp was with did not treat their artists right, she could still be having hits to this day.


Frewby072 Uh...Correction..she had 2 huge hits that reached the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100!!...Plus ALL 3 of her charted singles came from the SAME album!!..Please check your info. before going out and trying to shoot out something negative about a very fine and talented artist!!..thanks๐Ÿ˜ก


Ouch Burn. Her Album must have sucked sadly just another one hit wonder

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