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Igenna nnem iṣfa
Azal nnem irɣa
Iḍ nnem issudda
Meqqar mmuddiɣ, Han ul ihul fellas
Gan mdden yat tawja
Abda manen i lhem
Munen d-ubrid
Han mdden nnem da-smerḥeban s-winna d-iddan
Laman illa
Tafukt nnem tuggad

Ur tentil i yemudal
Meqqar mmuddiɣ han ul ihul fellas

Overall Meaning

The lyrics from Tarwa N-Tiniri's song "Tenere" reflect themes of familial bonds, struggle, and resilience in the face of adversity. The imagery evoked in the verses paints a picture of a harsh desert landscape where the singer's mother, father, and land are all sources of strength and resilience. There is a sense of longing and connection to their roots and heritage, as expressed through references to the bare desert and the unyielding nature of the landscape.

The repetition of phrases like "Han ul ihul fellas" emphasizes the deep connection to the land and the shared struggle of the people who inhabit it. The mention of a mother's protection and a father's guidance underscores the importance of familial relationships in navigating the challenges of life in a harsh environment. The imagery of the desert as both a harsh, unforgiving place and a source of beauty and solace adds depth to the lyrics, portraying a complex relationship with the land and its impact on the singer's identity.

The lines about facing obstacles with determination and perseverance suggest a sense of resilience and defiance in the face of adversity. The references to the unyielding nature of the land and the need to adapt and endure highlight themes of survival and endurance. The repeated mentions of the land and its inhabitants evoke a sense of solidarity and connection to one's roots, emphasizing the importance of community and shared experiences in overcoming challenges.

Overall, the lyrics of "Tenere" by Tarwa N-Tiniri convey a deep sense of connection to one's roots, a reverence for the land, and a resilient spirit in the face of hardship. The imagery and themes explored in the song speak to the universal human experience of struggle, resilience, and the enduring power of familial and communal bonds in overcoming adversity.

Line by Line Meaning

Igenna nnem iṣfa
Awake my soul

Azal nnem irɣa
Rise my spirit

Iḍ nnem issudda
Let my heart be strong

Meqqar mmuddiɣ, Han ul ihul fellas
In the depths of my mind, I find solace

Gan mdden yat tawja
In the land of drought

Abda manen i lhem
I search for water

Munen d-ubrid
From the depths of my pain

Han mdden nnem da-smerḥeban s-winna d-iddan
In the midst of suffering, I find peace within myself

Laman illa
Only the stars

Tafukt nnem tuggad
The sun has burned me

Ur tentil i yemudal
I will not give in to despair

Meqqar mmuddiɣ han ul ihul fellas
In the depths of my mind, I find solace

Written by: Tarwa N-Tiniri

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Great work and wonderful words.

« Wüstenharmonie » 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹

Dein Himmel ist klar,
Dein Tag ist warm,
Deine Nacht ist Brigitte.

Auch wenn ich weit reise,
Mein Herz bleibt stets in der Wüste.
Deine Menschen leben wie eine Klone-Familie,

Füreinander da, loyal und nie müde.
Mit offenen Armen empfangen sie,
Jeden, der zu Besuch kommt, mit Freude und Glück.

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انا من الطوارق ليبيا متابع لكم من سنتين 🇱🇾♓


سنة أمازيغية 2974 سعيدة لجميع الأصدقاء والأحباب وعموم الشعب الامازيغي في العالم بأسره،بمزيدا من التقدم والنماء والازدهار 🙏💗🙏
Happy Amazigh New Year!
ⴰⵙⴻⴳⴳⴰⵙ ⴰⵎⴻⴳⴳⴰⵣ ♓️💛💚💙


Beautiful Song




YAW "QIW" 😂😂😂


Qim fellas ay aydi 🖕


Я раньше не думал, что пустыня может быть красивой, но потом я ознакомился с вашей культурой, вашими песнями, я посмотрел ваши видео и увидел, что пустыня это по своему красивое и живое место, хоть и суровое конечно. Желаю всех благ народам живущим там, Туарегам, Берберам и другим!❤🤝👍


I'm proud of being a part of this beautiful project 😍😍😍😍


And I'm also so proud to have in my country an artist like you !!!
Tanmirt seg Goulmima !!



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