How Did It End?
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We hereby conduct this post-mortem
He was a hot house flower to my outdoorsmen
Our maladies were such we could not cure them
And so a touch that was my birthright became foreign
Come one, come all
It's happenin' again
The empathetic hunger descends
We'll tell no one
Except all of our friends
We must know
How did it end?

We were blind to unforeseen circumstances
We learn the right steps to different dances (ohh)
And fell victim to interlopers' glances
Lost the game of chance, what are the chances?
Soon they'll go home to their husbands
Smug 'cause they know they can trust him
Then feverishly calling their cousins (ohh)

Guess who we ran into at the shops?
Walking in circles like she was lost
Didn't you hear?
They called it all off
One gasp and then
How did it end?

Say it once again with feeling
How the death rattle breathing
Silenced as the soul was leaving
The deflation of our dreaming
Leaving me bereft and reeling
My beloved ghost and me
Sitting in a tree

It's happenin' again
How did it end?
I can't pretend like I understand
How did it end?

Come one, come all
It's happening again
The empathetic hunger descends
We'll tell no one
Except all of our friends

But I still don't know
How did it end?

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Taylor Swift's song "How Did It End?" depict a reflective and introspective exploration of a failed relationship or connection. The opening lines, "We hereby conduct this post-mortem, He was a hot house flower to my outdoorsmen, Our maladies were such we could not cure them, And so a touch that was my birthright became foreign," suggest an examination of what went wrong in the relationship. The imagery of contrasting personalities and unresolvable issues highlight the challenges faced by the two individuals involved.

The chorus, "Come one, come all, It's happenin' again, The empathetic hunger descends, We'll tell no one, Except all of our friends, We must know, How did it end?" conveys a sense of shared emotional turmoil and confusion among the singer and their social circle. The repeated questioning of how the relationship came to its end shows a yearning for closure and understanding amidst the pain and disappointment.

The second verse delves into the betrayal and deception that may have contributed to the demise of the relationship, with lines such as "Lost the game of chance, what are the chances?" and references to interlopers affecting the dynamics between the couple. The mention of encounters with acquaintances who have inside knowledge of the situation adds a layer of gossip and intrigue to the narrative.

The bridge of the song intensifies the emotional turmoil, with vivid imagery of loss and despair portrayed through lines like "The deflation of our dreaming, Leaving me bereft and reeling, My beloved ghost and me, Sitting in a tree, D-Y-I-N-G." The closing repetition of the chorus and the continued questioning of "How did it end?" reflect the lingering uncertainty and emotional weight carried by the singer as they struggle to come to terms with the breakup and its aftermath. The song captures the complexity of human relationships, the pain of endings, and the search for closure in the face of heartache.

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Written by: Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner

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Taylor, I'm a 40 year old divorced dad of three daughters. I must say....thank you for this album. It touched my soul. You're a very talented woman. And I send your songs to my daughters. Telling them they are strong young women.









❤ May the universe bring you peace, happiness, and abundance. ❤

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“We learned the right steps to different dances” wow…. This gets me.


Yeah wow


Me too.


“But we were dancing with our hands tied” / “I was dancing when the music stopped”

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