I Can Fix Him
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The smoke cloud billows out his mouth
like a freight train through a small town
The jokes that he told across the bar
Were revolting and far too loud

They shake their heads
Saying, "God help her" when I
Tell ′em he's my man
But your good Lord doesn′t need to
lift a finger, I can fix him
No, really, I can
And only I can

The dopamine races through his brain
On a six lane Texas highway
His hand, so calloused from his pistol
Softly traces hearts on my face
And I could see it from a mile away
A perfect case for my certain skillset
He had a halo of the highest grade
He just hadn't met me yet

They shake their heads
Saying, "God help her" when I
Tell 'em he′s my man
But your good Lord doesn′t need to
lift a finger, I can fix him
No, really, I can
And only I can

Good boy, that's right
Come close, I′ll show you heaven
If you'll be an angel all night
Trust me, I can handle me a dangerous man
No really I can ...

They shook their heads
Saying, "God help her"
When I told ′em he's my man
But your good Lord didn′t need to
lift a finger, I can fix him
No, really, I can

WOAH - maybe I can't.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Taylor Swift's song "I Can Fix Him" paint a vivid picture of a woman who believes she can "fix" a troubled man she is in a relationship with. The imagery of smoke billowing out of his mouth like a freight train and his loud, revolting jokes across the bar sets the stage for a man who seems rough around the edges and in need of help. Despite the skepticism and disapproval of others who shake their heads and express concern, the woman remains steadfast in her belief that she can be the one to change him for the better.

The mention of dopamine racing through his brain on a Texas highway and his calloused hand softly tracing hearts on her face hints at a complex and potentially dangerous relationship. The woman sees potential in him, believing he has a "halo of the highest grade" but has not yet realized his full potential because he hasn't met her yet. This portrayal of the man as someone with hidden depths aligns with the woman's conviction that she alone possesses the skills and capability to fix him.

As the woman confidently declares that she can handle a dangerous man and shows him glimpses of heaven if he will be her angel all night, there is a sense of control and power in her words. She believes that she can navigate the complexities of his character and lead him towards a better version of himself. Despite the doubts and judgments of those around her, she remains resolute in her ability to mend him and bring out his true potential.

The lyrics conclude with a sudden moment of doubt and realization, as the woman acknowledges the possibility that maybe she can't fix him after all. The repetition of the phrase "No, really, I can" throughout the song underscores her determination and belief in her own abilities. However, the final exclamation of "WOAH - maybe I can't" suggests a moment of clarity and self-awareness, as she confronts the limitations of her efforts to change someone who may be ultimately unfixable. This internal struggle between confidence and doubt adds depth to the narrative and reflects the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Writer(s): Jack Michael Antonoff, Taylor Alison Swift

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