The Black Dog
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I am someone who, until recent events
You shared your secrets with
And your location
You forgot to turn it off
And so I watch as you walk
into some bar called The Black Dog
And pierce new holes in my heart
You forgot to turn it off
And it hits me
I just don′t understand ...

How you don't miss me
In The Black Dog
When someone plays ′The Starting Line'
and you jump up,
But she's too young to know this song
That was intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming
Old habits die screaming.

I move through the world with the heartbroken
My longings stay unspoken
And I may never open up the way I did for you
And all of those best laid plans
You said I needed a brave man
Then proceeded to play him
Until I believed it too
And it kills me

I just don′t understand ...
How you don′t miss me
In the shower
And remember
How my rain-soaked body
Was shaking
Do you hate me?
Was it hazing?
For a cruel fraternity I pledged
And I still mean it
Old habits die screaming

Six weeks of breathing clean air
I still miss the smoke
Were you making fun of me with some esoteric joke?
Now I want to sell my house and set fire to all my clothes
And hire a priest to come and exorcise my demons
Even if I die screaming
And I hope you hear it

And I hope it's shitty
In The Black Dog
When someone plays ′The Starting Line'
And you jump up
But she′s too young to know this song
That was intertwined in the tragic fabric of our dreaming
Cause tail between your legs you're leaving

And I still can′t believe it
Cause old habits die screaming

Overall Meaning

In the first verse of Taylor Swift's song "The Black Dog," the singer reveals a sense of betrayal and confusion as they watch their former confidant and lover enter a bar called The Black Dog, seemingly moving on and causing new wounds in their heart. The reference to the forgotten location tracking and the act of observing from a distance symbolizes a sense of disconnected surveillance, as the singer navigates the pain of witnessing their past intimacy being supplanted by new experiences and connections. The bar's name, The Black Dog, may connote feelings of darkness, melancholy, or inner turmoil, setting the stage for the emotional journey within the song.

The lyrics delve deeper into the singer's emotional turmoil as they grapple with the realization that their once-shared memories and connections are now being replaced and possibly erased by someone new. The mention of a familiar song, "The Starting Line," triggers an intense emotional response in the singer, highlighting the power of music to evoke past emotions and experiences. The juxtaposition of the past intertwining with the present, and the bittersweet realization that the new person is not fully aware of the significance of these shared moments, emphasizes the theme of longing and unspoken feelings that the singer carries.

As the song progresses, the singer reflects on the vulnerability and trust they once placed in their former partner, juxtaposed with the manipulation and betrayal they feel they have experienced. The reference to needing a "brave man" and the subsequent portrayal of playing a role to please the other person speaks to the complexities of power dynamics and insecurity within the relationship. The phrase "old habits die screaming" suggests that despite the pain and disillusionment, ingrained patterns of behavior and emotional attachment linger, creating a sense of inner conflict and confusion for the singer.

The final verses of the song reveal a profound sense of longing, pain, and a desire for catharsis and closure. The singer's contemplation of cleansing rituals, such as selling their house, burning their clothes, and seeking spiritual purification through the symbol of hiring a priest, conveys a deep need for emotional release and healing. The reference to missing the smoke and questioning esoteric jokes hints at deeper layers of communication and shared experiences that may have been misunderstood or taken for granted. The poignant plea for the other person to witness their suffering and the mention of "old habits die screaming" once again underscore the idea of lingering emotional attachment and the struggle to let go of the past in the face of heartbreak and betrayal. The song's poignant imagery and raw emotional honesty invite listeners to empathize with the singer's journey of loss, longing, and ultimately, the painful process of moving on from a love now broken.

Line by Line Meaning

I am someone who, until recent events
I used to be an important person in your life until things changed.

You shared your secrets with
You confided in me and trusted me with your deepest feelings.

And your location
And I knew where you were at all times.

You forgot to turn it off
You forgot to hide your whereabouts from me.

And so I watch as you walk into some bar called The Black Dog
I see you go into a bar named The Black Dog.

And pierce new holes in my heart
Causing me fresh pain and heartache.

And it hits me
And I realize.

I just don′t understand ...
I can't comprehend.

How you don't miss me
How you can be indifferent to my absence.

In The Black Dog
While you are at The Black Dog bar.

When someone plays ′The Starting Line' and you jump up
When a specific song plays and you react excitedly.

But she's too young to know this song
But the person you're with doesn't recognize the significance of this song.

That was intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming
A song that was deeply connected to our shared dreams and memories.

Old habits die screaming
Past patterns of behavior are hard to break and cause intense emotional distress.

Writer(s): Taylor Swift

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This is the most heartbreaking track from the album. It's so scary to think of how people could easily forget about you today, despite being so deeply in love yesterday.


Yes and it’s so common. It’s like an act


Loml is much much sadder.




True. Such a heart wrenching song


Yall are forgetting about How Did It End lol

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The way screaming becomes softer in tone at the very end of this song says she’s too tired to scream like that for anyone now. That was so clever! 😮🤍


also like she's not screaming anymore because the addiction to the old habit has been broken


Thanks for the insight! I hadn't gotten that!


The first scream is always the loudest

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