Death By Plane
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Went away to you
Ten million hours gone
You could turn
There in the air
Where I can't move
I say
Just say to you
Goodbye my love


Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Team Sleep's Death By Plane appear to be a poignant farewell from the perspective of someone who is leaving a loved one. The opening line of "Went away to you" suggests a journey to reunite with the person, but the following line "Ten million hours gone" paints a picture of a long and arduous journey that has finally come to an end. The next line "You could turn soon" suggests that perhaps the person they are leaving may soon follow them, or that they may be separated for a while.

The following line "There in the air where I can't move" could be interpreted as the singer being physically distant at the moment, for instance, being on a plane that is flying away. The line "I say, Just say to you" may imply that the singer is trying to convey something important to the person they are leaving. The final line of the song, "Goodbye my love, Goodbye" gives the impression of a final farewell, accompanied by a sense of sorrow.

Overall, the lyrics to Death By Plane convey a sense of sadness, yet they also offer a sense of hope, as if the person leaving and those they are leaving behind will be reunited once again.

Line by Line Meaning

Went away to you
I left everything I had and travelled towards you

Ten million hours gone
I spent a long time travelling towards you, it took me an incredible amount of time

You could turn
You could've changed your mind and not wanted me anymore

Before long, something is about to happen

There in the air
We were in the airplane, flying high above

Where I can't move
In the airplane, I can't move around as much as I'd like to

I say
I speak to you, trying to make you understand my feelings

Just say to you
I just want to convey this message to you

Goodbye my love
I'm bidding farewell to my beloved as I know I will no longer be with them

I say this with a heavy heart, knowing that we will never see each other again

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Alexander NH

When I waved to you
Didn't you know i was gone?
Cold winter...
So there in the air
Where i can't move
I just sing
I'll sing to you
Goodbye my love

Check out the live version on YT or the new release of the Woodstock sessions!

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It drives me insane when Deftones fans can't appreciate Team Sleep, seriously, this stuff is beautiful, just another perfect side of Chino. Much love.


Tim Lisle I like team sleep but I don’t like psalms or crosses


Absolutely agree and feel the same damn way. It just showed the level of love they have. I mention Palms, Crosses or Team Sleep and if they are not acknowledge/appreciated, then it's proven and established that they are not on the level.


Tim Lisle I appreciate the F outta team sleep for years !!! 💪


I appreciate all 3 of his projects and Deftones.


@@Kyoko_02 same

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Always come back to this, haunts me every time


Me too...


I played this song for my friends daughter who is six And she smiled and said really softly "that song is sad and really pretty" and it just about Brought a tear to my eye


Leave it to a child to say it perfectly! That is a smart 6 year old!

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