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Tech N9ne Lyrics

So we rolling, just left Billings, Montana, did a dope ass show.
We in a 15 passenger van, heading to Spokane, Washington.
We driving along the interstate, we go over this bridge, hit a patch of ice, all of a sudden the van starts fishtailing.
We're going back and forth, I'm like "
Woah!" Krizz says...

You got it Sean you got it!
I think you got it man." But we went sliding further and further towards the barrier, BOOM we hit it.
We flipped like 5 times, all the windows start breaking out in the van.
I'm like "
Oh god, oh god!" while we flipping, and finally we stop.
I'm looking around the van to see if everybody is alright.
First person I looked at was Big Nick cause I see him jumping out first.
He runs to the doors cause they crushed in and he starts grabbing trying to rip them open like. (Grunting noises.)

I yank the doors open and I'm yelling out "
Are you alright man?
Are you alright?" Kutt raises up and I see he's drenched from all the bottles of alcohol we had in the van from last night; and I say "
Kutt man, are you cool?" and he says

Yeah I'm cool man, I'm cool." So I'm wiping my face, I'm thinking I'm bleeding.
I look at my hands, it ain't nothing but the liquor.
So I look around, everybody up and moving.
Tech's still on the floor and I'm like, "
Tech, you alright?" He ain't saying nothing, I'm like "
Aw man...
Tech, you alright?!" He said something like "

I'm fine man.
I'm fine man, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I asked him, I said uh, anything wrong with my face?
Anything on my face?" And Kutt was like "
Nah" So I'm like, I'm listening, and I touch my teeth and I see blood in my mouth, but I'm smiling cause I hear Krizz Kaliko saying "
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus," and it felt good to be in God's graces.
The ambulance, the people that came, they said that we were all blessed.
Ya know what I'm saying, to still be alive after flipping 5 times man, so ever since then, we been celebrating life baby.
Kick in' it hard.
Every day's a party baby.

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just survived a terrible car crash an the first thing that came to mind was this song, truly Blessed

Iamdeadpool420 ___

Forever love from Spokane WA born and raised

Joe Kerns

love this album :D

Matthew Robles

Steven w

Billings montana 406 chippewa Sioux native

Mike Kelly

rip big homie

Travis Edwards

💯➗🚆💉💊🔪🚬🔫🐧🐗🐂🐎and will not let them suffer

That Guy You Know

Anyone else reminded of Fast and Furious from the album cover?

tim walker

More tech 9 please

Jay felix

Tech 9 2020