Get Ya Head Right
Tech N9ne Lyrics

Baby, can't you see? I can get your head right
Leave it up to me, let me get your head right
Ready 1, 2, 3, I can get your head right
I'm the best it be, I can get your head right

And I, I can make you feel like, real nice
All up in your bed like, next to me
Watch me get your head right, come with me
I can get your head right

It's been long day bussin' watchin' my songs pay
After the show I'm tryin' to kick it the King Kong way
Caribou Lou and got the music machine on play
All I need is a chick to suck on my ding dong, hey
Get my head right, it's incredible how they make it so edible
Got me stiff like a lead pipe, man
These cites are full of coochies and titties
I'm super coo coo for kitties
I'm 'bout ta shoot you wit gizzy so pretty
Hella thizzy yo' beezy, like to creep with Tech Neezy
She get giddy when she see me, really hope she ate Wheaties
I will not take it easy, rip you out off your Bebe or BCBG
When lettin' Floetry ease we
I'm smellin' like Luciano Saprani you can only get it at Nordstrom
If you chumps can afford some
Spray it on lightly and wallah, all of the whores come
Work it Felicia O, until you end up wit a sore thumb


Let me fuck with your mentals a lil', get in your dentures
Ma roll up this back wood sweet pour a lil' Remy I
(Know we behind tint) Maybe we can do some things
You say your head is on right (Then show me the brain)
Just let E run through you then take a toke of this purple
And in a minute watch how D gon' do you
You and you girlfriend said it yourself
Why grab out the bottom of the pile
When you can go get top shelf
Ain't nothin' like it got ya feelin' the mood
I done showed you enough right about now
You should be feelin' ya dude, oh so you hyphy
Now and willin' to do, what you said you wasn't
But it's too late, I got my drillin' ya tooth
Right after that I'm gon' be killin' the booth
Tellin' my niggas how hard you go
I ain't even the star of the show
This shit is crazy when you spread right, four, five
Six, bitches every night to get your head right


I took a flight from Boston, it was awesome
Boss head, boss bread, when I tossed her
Open mouth, closed legs, no abortions
They like to please the god, so I don't force 'em
Bob and weave like you boxin', baby, fuck the law
I'mma give you Johnny Cochran, baby
But you ain't my lady, this is just a good time
After I bust mine, I'mma tell you good night
Or good day but that's only in a good way
Get good brain from Tuesday to Tuesday
That's seven days a week, I'm gon' skeet
If I call at 6:30, she gon' play like she ain't sleep
Wide awake or should I say wide awoke
I stick my dick in her throat, whatever gon' float her boat
But, one's trash is another man's treasure
So if you gonna wife her, then homey, you can get her cause


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Comments from YouTube:


Love this song! You da man tech

Sin Bad

God daaam.... “ptuh” “ptuh” .... Goooodd Daaam Girrrl.... Thank ya!!!!

Monica Vavages

Love it ❤ He better get my head right! 💯🎶

Teela Temu

Love this track, YEAAAHHHH.

Quincy Hills

dis Hellas funny


My gurl puts this song wen i come back from a hard day