It's What You Thinkin'
Tech N9ne Lyrics

We gon' make 'em slither dance to this one Zilla

[Verse 1:]
Errybody jus (throw your hands up what)
All the ladies jus (throw your legs up what)
All the fellas just (throw your cups us what)
And toast to the homeboys that soften your girls guts what
Say man she said she broke up with you last week
Now you trippin 'cause your chicken went out and passed cheeks
And got a fast leak from Tecca Nina Katrina
Nows she right up in mi cocino while your ass sleeps
How'd I take her from you? oh its ??
It's because your girly girly know I earn somethin
Now I got them legs over my shoulders
Holdin my soldier swollen I can't hold my composure
And when I come to town, your woman come around
And plenny fun is found when I give her some of the clown
The Kansas City style got her yellin "jus gimme now"
You don't wanna do the sound 'cause I'm doin bout 20 rounds

[Chorus x2:]
If your girls at a Tech show (it's what you thinkin)
Feel like she let go (it's what you thinkin)
You never get no [x3] (it's what you thinkin)

[Verse 2:]
She know you barely make it, we got crazy cash
On the movie set me and my homie Baby Bash
Got your girl waitin to get her world shakin
At the Grand American givin your girl spankins
'cause she's a bad gal she said she need a release
So she greated with beats now she's no longer sad now
I'm with your wifey
'cause she say I make her feel wanted and by the way she never met nobody like me
At the Graft and laugh makin her stare at things
Cutty Cal Grese Chris ??
Got your hottie naughty when she drinkin them Cara be's
At Kidd Rocks and I'm off in a booth with Tara Read
Tecca Nina is not a coward, I'll jump in the shower
And bumpity bumb that rock girl if you doubt her
Ask freaky Adina Howard about her
She know we scorpios lovin to hit it for hours

[Chorus x2:]
If your girls at a Tech show (it's what you thinkin)
Feel like she let go (it's what you thinkin)
You never get no [x3] (it's what you thinkin)

[Verse 3:]
I see you mad at me, but my nads happy
'cause you loosin and now you wanna take a stab at me
She hangin wit me 'cause you foul nigga
And I'm at the 4 seasons takin her to eat Tao nigga
That's T.A.O when I see a hoe
She's hooked when I let the instant replay go
She's bear now everyone's there throwin wood at it
Man this musics so unfare if you good at it
Come with us wemon its so fun with us under the sun with us
From dawn til dusk imma give her the love that make her wanna say hummdawala
Praisin this craziness in Vegas when I get up on the stage it's outragous
Mandaly Bay with the ?? everybody gets laid to this
I appologize if your heart broken
Keep a spark smokin once the Ninna starts scopin
She'll lie to you and won't blink
When it come to Tecca Ninna bein wit your lady don't think

[Chorus X2:]
If your girls at a Tech show (it's what you thinkin)
Feel like she let go (it's what you thinkin)
You never get no [x3] (it's what you thinkin)

Haha it's what you though dawg your chicks wit us
Tech N9ne, Kalikeezy, Young ?? why you keep doin it to yourself dawg
Her jaws are full get back she'll holla tomorrow


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Comments from YouTube:


In this album tech seems at the fulcrum point of experience and skill absolutely some of the best rap that has ever blessed these ears of mine.

no name

My opinion, but this is probably second to absolute power

Rhian Roland

TheHonestOwl lol that OWL

Forbidden Haze

@AirCanada1J5 He's finally crashing after drinking all that monster. lol


yeah he was definitely at his best here, Sickology, MLC, and in Killer.. like unbelievably good. would be in denial to say he's as good as ever.. he's definitely more tired sounding.. everything legendary in point in this sign

Illiterate YouTube Commenter

everready is my favorite tech album

Dale Dee

This may possibly be the greatest album of all time

Caleb Lacy

I'm glad it was tech on this beat. Its lit AF😍 he got the crippled people wishing they could dance so bad

M Chaney

i absolutely every single song on every single tech album.


This album and Absolute power are my faves. Absolute Power is his best, IMO. One of the purest albums I've ever heard. This is number 2.

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