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Dr David Banner
Ted Cassidy Lyrics

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Emperor of the universe

Man out of all the terrible live action 70s shows based off Marvel heroes this is the only one that is just fricking great.

John Bazaldua

Bro I could not say any better! Great memories and my ALL TIME FAVORITE SUPERHERO!
RIP BILL BIXBY. You always be remembered by my generation. Born 1978 myself still have vivid memories from age of 4

GH Ramsey

@NeluThat70sKid So he's the teenage kid who is "not a pilot yet, but wants to be" who aids in flying the plane? Seems about right. I knew Bibxy was on that series but I never watched TCOEF at all. The only show I might have seen him in would have been My Favorite Martian when I was a kid. I did not have cable growing up. My friends did. Nickelodeon was new and showed reruns of The Monkees and My Favorite Martian. If TCOEF came on I don't remember it.


@GH Ramsey Brandon Cruz, who played Bill Bixby's young son Eddie Corbett, in Bixby's earlier series the Courtship of Eddie's Father, was also in that 747 episode playing a passenger. He was then a teenager, and boy, did he grow up since TCOEF had wrapped.


Even though I already know Shazam/Captain Marvel and Isis are DC Comics, not Marvel, let me say this: each and every episode of the Incredible Hulk is a real nail-biter, which keeps you on the edge of your seat, chock-full of action, adventure, and suspense. Plus, it doesn't go off as a preachy morality tale and then try to rationalize each episode with a moral message, just like Shazam and Isis had already done at the very same time, which was nothing but down-and-out stupid, unnecessary, and bogus 😝😠😝😠😝😠

GH Ramsey

I am old enough to have watched this show as a very young child. It came out in 1978 and I probably watch it from 1980 or so. I remember Lou Farigno being on Mr Roger's neighborhood. It was an episode called "Super Heros".

The two episode of the series I remember most are Death in the Family which was the series' first regular episode. The part with the old man and Hulk eating his chicken "bones n all" then changing his dinner "from regular to extra crispy" when he spits the whiskey into the fire pit.

And the other episode I remember was "747" where Dr Banner is on a commercial flight that has all the passengers knocked out by would-be art thieves. At the end Dr. Banner/Hulk is in the pilot's seat and has to stop the plane. He jams his huge foot on the brakes and the plane stops in a huge hurry. I vaguely remember a few others but not reliably. I watched a bunch in reruns as a pre-teen too.

What an awesome series for it's time.

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Charles Dockery

perhaps the greatest intro in tv history


@francisjtuk yeah, and producer Kenneth Johnson did both shows.


Up there with bionic man intro


Very tragic that Bixby died of cancer, after gamma ray surgery (of all things) failed to stop it from spreading

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