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Hey Lee, I'm moving from Gatsby to Next.js and I'd appreciate your insight about something before I begin migrating my 400+ posts 😂

In Gatsby, each of my posts has its own directory, where I put both my markdown file and my images. The dir path looks like this:


And my images/media are placed in "/name-of-post/ at the same level as the .md file.

My plan was to use the same structure in Next.js – but is this a bad pattern?

On your blog, your media files are separately from your markdown files "public/static/images/name-of-post"

What's the reason behind this? Do you advice I do the same? 🙂

Serdar Akkus

Next.js is cool and all but you develop a habit of constantly rolling back to the previous versions of it.
Every new version breaks something functional...
As of now, there is pretty much no clean way of implementing a custom caching mechanism.
They recently removed the renderToHTML function which most of the caching systems out there (including their SSR caching example) relied on this function to store the rendered HTML.
The official example still doesn't work after a month. They replaced it with app.render. And they left it like that.
But, as you all might know app render, doesn't return anything, Just responds to the request and that's it.
So it still doesn't even work with the "supposed fix".

Forget about "Backwards Compatibility" if you are going to use next.js for your next application.

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Lee Robinson

Note: Image Optimization and Internationalization are still being worked on and not in the framework, yet. Hopefully, that happens soon 😄

Elijah Manor

Oh, that is great to hear. Looking forward to that. Currently I've been playing around with next-optimized-images and next-img. Glad to hear something baked-in is coming soon.

Lee Robinson

@Ron San Jose Which features in particular?

Ron San Jose

​@Lee Robinson I've read some articles including the one you linked. None of them allow for all the features of Next + Vercel. I really want to use Next at work, but we use AWS.

Lee Robinson

@Ron San Jose While it's not "official", the AWS team has published quite a few resources on using Next.js with AWS.

Brandon Pittman

Ron San Jose considering Vercel exists, probably not.

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Lorem Ipsum

I came from React Status :)

James Q Quick

Good stuff! Love following your React content!

Diego Lievano

Thank you for sharing your point of view, it helps a lot right now because I am just thinking on moving to nextjs

momon kha

for some reason you piqued my curiosity to learn nextjs and golang, thanks for the video

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