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Inside Out
by Temar Underwood

Your kiss is like candy, like roses, like sweet potato pie
Your eyes are like movies, like springtime, like the ocean at night

I want to explore you, adore you, I implore you
Beseech you
How do I reach you?
I wanna teach you, how much I

I love you, I like you, I want to get to you
I gotta come through, I gotta show you, I wanna know you
Inside Out

Your smile is like music, like peppermint, like going to the eight grade dance
Your touch is so easy
My knees get weak
You make me feel like a man

I'm speaking in night-time in blankets in kisses
I'm sweating I'm not forgetting
This is me letting you know how I


You are the one who (One who)
I wanna groove to (Groove to)
I wanna strum you (Strum you)
Like a six string (Like a six string)
You make me want to sing a new song
And not a word is wrong
I'm coming strong
On and on, on and on, On and on



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