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Terry Francis Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Usually when I write a comment to a track or a music video on YouTube I just jot down my nutty "stream of consciousness" thoughts right away while the music plays, but this time, knowing the occasion and source material, I wanted the first listening to be something special, so I turned off the lights in my room, full-screened the video and just soaked it up fully, without any distraction. Boy, was it intense ...

I got goose skin from Helmut's organ right away and throughout: it was awe-inspiring, powerful, everlasting . Visuals entrenched this feeling of noble aural lineage. Gabor Maté's words resonated a lot with me, especially the bit about birth and death, making me reflect on recent episodes connected to my life. Nadja's beats were hypnotic and coating. Those ethereal airy pads were rolling right to the core. Feeling like being in a cocoon of sound, with flageolets and chimes enhancing the sleepless nights of an infant fatal. Peace through, 303 sounds swirling in unison. An experience larger than life, trickling harmonies from the cosmos.

It is a real bummer that I couldn't be there in real life, but I will watch, listen and comment religiously from now on.

Your long-time fan

Nadja Lind

i am having gooses skin reading your detailed comment right now. Thank you very much, JohnnyHouse

Ciacomix Official

Simply amazing! When music is real passion for ages!

Ninette Rosenfeld

Guys this is just so amazing!!! Soooooo happy and proud for you!!! <3


thank youuuuu

Jonas Stelzer

Klartraums music is the ultimate symbol expressing the Unity through syzygies, the paired opposites, where the One is never separated from the the Other, its antithesis. Yin and Yang, Female and Male, Nadja and Helmut, Rythm and Harmony, Darkness and Light and the reverse. All their productions show their unique character but share an undistinguishable familarity, that inkling you feel when you recognize yourself in other living beings. Recreating, molding and merging the songs that have have accompanied me through adolescence, Klartraum closes the circle tying me into their infinite loop, blurring the lines that distinguish present from past, unending complexity from universal reduction, you from me.

Thank you Helmut and Nadja, I'm sure all of us are excited for the next video upload of this amazing concert.

Nadja Lind

thank you very much for your kind words and support

Marc Logemann

this is awesome shit right there.... man ... so proud of nadja and helmut.


Awesome <3


amazing track

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