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carnival of horror
Test Subjects Lyrics

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I can explain what happened to Bobby in the first story without knowing what he experienced. It's all down to changing the way someone responds by altering their fight, flight/freeze/response which you can do with hypnosis. As I spend all my life telling people, hypnosis is not like people think. It's not about mind control and there are no evil spells, we all do hypnosis dozens of times every day without knowing it and whether or not Bobby knew it, that's what happened to him. Breathing, typing, walking and many other things we all do each day are all controlled hypnosis. So how do you use that knowledge to change someone's view on something? It's down to something called the Amygdala.

The Amygdala is like a radar that sits in your head analysing everything that you're experiencing through your five senses. When it detects danger it will respond in one of 3 ways: fight, flight, or freeze. With people that don't get scared much, their amygdala simply doesn't respond in the same way that someone else's does. They're not really brave and the other person isn't a coward. You can change the way anyone responds and that's how you both form and get rid of fears, phobias and anxiety. If you have a fear of anything (other than heights and loud noises) it's because you hypnotised your amygdala into believing that thing is dangerous.

So, what happened to Bobby is something reprogrammed his Amygdala. It doesn't have to be hypnosis in an overt way (a way you can tell like someone swinging a watch in front of your eyes), it can be done covertly (secretly). You can get someone to change how they feel just by talking to them and without them ever knowing you're even using hypnosis, it's known as conversational hypnosis. Showing someone a horrific image can do the same thing by setting off the amygdala then reprogramming it.

To make the change just by talking to someone, you present them with two statements that can't be true, like "I'm fat and I'm thin" or "I'm loud and I'm quiet". Those basic examples won't work and exactly how you form these statements is something that I won't explain because it takes years of study and practice. Anyway, when you put two statements to someone, that they have said, and they can't both! That's what Bobby meant when he said "It doesn't make sense...". I do this with people all the time to help them overcome fears, you just make them realise that two beliefs they have can't be true and therefore their fear doesn't really exist. This completely changes someone's life and they can go from being terrified of something to not being, or vice-versa.

So what exactly happened may be a mystery but that's what happened in his head.

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Damn savage punishment in story 2. That's the kind of justice we need for sexual predators.


Only when they’re proven beyond reasonable doubt in fair trial. Otherwise you’d have innocent people going through inhumane torture because of heresy and false accusations for something they didn’t do and that’d make you as bad as the very people you condemn (kind of like how the me too movement loves to make false accusations of disgusting crimes).



Reacting to Reacts

That’s how all child molesters should be handled. Even now in todays day and age. They will never stop and nothing you do or say will make them stop.

Jessica Brown

@ChronicSynchronizer it is sad and normally stems from their own abuse. I think a focus on mental health would be a way better use of time. Maybe find a way to really treat or cure things like BPD, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and possibly pedophilia as well. Maybe before these things even become issues.

Giordan Diodato

@Wendy P i mean in some cases they are, but I get what you're saying


:( it’s awful that people are born with something wrong in their brain that lets them be attached to children.

Princess Haraz33

@Morgana not good enough only keep them alive long enough to make them suffer and beg for the relief of death

Wendy P

@Kris Moon They do. Now they are mostly coddled by a State which seems to believe all criminals are misunderstood decent human beings who just need a bit of therapy to set them straight.

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Sam S

I got a chilling feeling in story 1 he was either SA or shown something extremely graphic

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