Texas in July Lyrics

We paint the city skylines gold
With all the memories that we hold.
Made with friends as close as blood
But nothing will change the fact
That this is home.

It's had its ups and downs
And turnarounds but we will never regret
The ways we've changed for better for worse.
I am who I am and Iā€™m proud of the progress,
That I've made.

For every joy something beautiful still remains.

We won't remember the days, just the moments we made,
It's such an amazing feeling to close our eyes, and reminisce a while.

A friend is one who takes me for who I am.

Contributed by Aaliyah E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mitchell Lee

amazing cover art


Bought the physical album and read through the booklet, all the album art is as awesome as the cover.


If this album was mixed the way their self-titled was I would go nuts. This amazing album with the great REAL sound of the new. :)


1:21 Fucking hell. Those vocals make pregnant woman give birth.

Brint Mann

up until 2013 these guys killed it.. kinda lost their creativity.

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