Textures Lyrics

This world has changed
Before our eyes - we can't control.

Waiting to find
Waiting here with nothing more to say
Goodbye to all I have said
Was waiting for decay
Here I am, waving to the waves.

Catch the dream before we are
Left inside and everything is gone
Catch the dream before someone else is
Setting forth and illusive state of war.

The shimmering flocks of shadows that
Surround the walls we are looking at
Mark of silence.
It tells me to hide
It hides the divide
Me versus man
Bear the silence.

Tell me, mother: how can I turn back old times
Maybe we are all asleep and die inside to taste
The urge to feel so much more
Closing all my windows to embrace.

"Our identities are stories
With holes in their language
Slumbering, at the height of what
Could have been synchronicity or
Parallels in multiple dimensions.
"Can we find any reference
In this abstract color field
This ambivalence, this dualism
Can we see the details of a bigger entity
What is the antidote
To the triviality of modern life".

Find the words to completion
Take me there, where I belong
Fallen into harsh delusion
Drawing circles to my illusion
To reflect me and my diffusion
Waves keep lashing down on the old shores.

Sunlight sails the soothing silence.

I am spitting letters
Paraphrased in sand
My words are set on fire.

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Comments from YouTube:


Pretty good!

Shourya Malhotra

Best band ever man. 
What beauty.

sMEar 8

Malhotra Shourya ... Feel you might like sybreed's slave design. Minsk is beautiful. This reminds

Mike Xander

2:06 sheer goosebump-inducing genius. Oh how I love this band.


I really love the album artwork and Textures's association with water metaphors and imagery. The new singer's voice is so beautiful too. Oh Textures, you've found your way back into my heart. <3

James Chancé

Wow the vocals really have a lot of character !


Dude, Daath is actually an all-around decent band. Thanks for that one, man! They're not progressive or technical in the ways I enjoy, but I was definitely banging my head to their songs HARD. I like the vocalists shifting vocal styles/tones, which usually draws me in.


Finally it's coming out! :o And I can't believe how you guys don't like the vocals, they are amazing and different.

Viktor Mars

this is the best song on the album

Patrick Balkany

@Hamb Eater internet..... hahahaha

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