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by That Rogue Romeo

Got caught in a trap of my own design
what else have i got but my life on the line
whats the use of living with regrets, useless worry
its a life simply wasted
Not gonna stress out over what i cant be
thinking why i cant be, being what i shouldnt be, i wanna be who i wanna be, who im gonna be is up to me

so, I asked for love, i asked for a song
You brought me joy, joy, joy

I searched for peace, begged for help,
I prayed for time
And you brought me joy, joy, joy

all i ever wanted was a home
now i know i, i was there all along
i wont b distracted by the mess of all the drama nothing can own me
like Wanting to be rich, to be near somebody, just to be somebody
Have the things that money can buy,
i wanna be who i choose to be, cant be someone i dont wanna be no

So I asked for strength and i sang a song
And You brought me joy, joy joy

i searched for courage, closed my eyes i prayed for life,

And you brought me joy joy joy
gimme peace, gimme a home, gimme a lifetime of you bringing me joy

you bring me joy, ...
what else have we got?... joy.

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