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Pigs & Pineapples
The Alter Boys Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Alter Boys:

A Little Pain Goes A Long Way Bear your fangs -- To show you're in the mood I've…
Auto-Erotica I'm all alone and hanging by leather With a loaded gun…
Boy In A Bubble I'm a boy in a bubble Safe from a world that…
Can't Cool Down The icebox is locked and I can't cool down It's…
Docking Bay 94 What's wrong with him he looks dead ABBRACCIA LA MORTE PE…
Famine Ghost Crawled across this glass, slept on these nails Dissapointm…
I See You Moving I SEE YOU MOVING On my way over to your place…
Little White Lies I'd do anything for you - girl you know it's…
Pigs and Pineapples Ticker tape parades Embalmed in napalm A struggle for pow…
Surrounded By Porcelain Flies When it stops when it fades When the bodies have all…
Where Have You Gone I-----I got a feeling, Deeper emotion I'm not the only one- …
Yesterday Is Here If you want money in your pocket And a top hat…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks David. We are among the elite few that remember this band


I got to see these guys live back when they started and my old band was opening shows for mushroomhead. I've since lost my original copy of this disc. Thanks for uploading!

John Ostrunic

your not the only one who remebers them, Ryan Dunn Rest in Peace this was his band but you may already know that if so i apologize but it does explain why johnny did a shout out at the begining lol

David Kasper

Many of us remember them, but Youtube has been taking them down left and right. I am sure this will be gone soon too unfortunately.

Dude 27th

I hope they let this songs stay on youtube now, it's always frustrating trying to share Todd Smith's work but not having any accesible platform to do so


I missed this song.


Missed this. Thanks for the upload!


i cant wait for their show september 7th in lakewood ohio. its gonna be amazing and probably one of our last opportunities to see them. they are so sick but i wish youtube wasnt striking them and taking them down

Mex Zesty

Wow I swear I thought the clean vox were Mike Patton for a second!

Jason Cracknell

I love this shit! Thanks to you. I appreciate it so much ❤️

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