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Sun Giant Says Hey
The Alter Boys Lyrics

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Wussy Walking with a mountain through the streets of Tiny Town He…

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A Little Pain Goes A Long Way Bear your fangs -- To show you're in the mood I've…
Auto-Erotica I'm all alone and hanging by leather With a loaded gun…
Boy In A Bubble I'm a boy in a bubble Safe from a world that…
Can't Cool Down The icebox is locked and I can't cool down It's…
Docking Bay 94 What's wrong with him he looks dead ABBRACCIA LA MORTE PE…
Famine Ghost Crawled across this glass, slept on these nails Dissapointm…
I See You Moving I SEE YOU MOVING On my way over to your place…
Little White Lies I'd do anything for you - girl you know it's…
Pigs & Pineapples Ticker tape parades Embalmed in napalm A struggle for power …
Pigs and Pineapples Ticker tape parades Embalmed in napalm A struggle for pow…
Surrounded By Porcelain Flies When it stops when it fades When the bodies have all…
Where Have You Gone I-----I got a feeling, Deeper emotion I'm not the only one- …
Yesterday Is Here If you want money in your pocket And a top hat…

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Comments from YouTube:

Avia Salter

The interviewer, standing as the 'devil's advocate of scepticism', and the guest who has spent long years and dug deep into archives and evidence makes for interesting discussion here. Good questions from Luke and superb answers from Hugh. A true researcher holds their mind wide open without jumping chasms to ridiculous conclusions. Feet on the ground with a fine mind is Hugh Newman, who has brought many great researchers to the table in Megalithomania. Kudos to his work.


Thank Avia! from Hugh


Hugh rocks. Followed his tireless work for years. He's such a kind and generous guy too.

David Lancaster

Graham Hancock is a hero and mentor to me. Just watched Hugh on Searching for Giants with the Viera brothers. Subscribed here but no notices. Glad I found this. Cool! Don't know why I wasn't notified about this channel's expansion. Got something to look foreword to. Great job with Hugh. Glad he and Jim are still working together. Thanks for sharing this work. Lvya all. Shalom


Your comment on that video brought me here! Thanks!!


Thanks for your support. - Hugh


“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” --Orwell

Throttle Addiction

It's not altogether unfathomable to expect there was a human variant that was in excess of seven feet tall, in a time when megafauna also existed.
We have the capacity in our genetic coding and make up, which sees occurrences of this still. However, as a rarity - modern diagnosis attributes this to a misfunction of the pituitary gland. The condition is also incompatible with modern humans, as they often experience afflictions associated with significantly increased height - such as bone density, muscular and cardio-vascular limitations.
But, you need to question why does it occur. Is it like many other human development rarities, a throw-back from earlier evolution?
Perhaps there was a time when the whole make-up of a human variant was capable of height above today's range; who's frame and strength were compatible with their height, could fully function for survival and achieve a reasonable life expectancy without becoming an invalid or a burden upon others for support in latter years.
Like the demise of the megafauna - catastrophic events would have had an impact on the availability of food and it was only the nimble, resourceful and low-demand ones who survived.
Meanwhile, the capacity to return to a mega-human variant lays dormant in each and every one of us.


Just the fact that such efforts have been taken to cover it all up and discredit any previous accounts would be enough to get me digging around further... And the stories shared with native american oral tradition are totally credible once someone starts researching...again, they went to great lengths to teach those stories in a word-for-word accurate manner to their younger members.

Alora Love Life Free

Yup if it wasn't for old time newparper photos we wouldnt have seen the giants in north america and how the Smithsonian always came in took evidence and tried to bury the evidence

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