Till You
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Bobby Hall And The Kings Come take my breath away When I go outside today Some rain…
Dave Fenley Till you walked in the room I never saw an…
Ray Repp My soul was empty, My body broken, My heart had no one…

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can we stop telling her that she's underrated? at this point, somehow, it's no longer a compliment. if u're truly a fan, this is echoed on one of her songs that makes her feel blue about her career. just enjoy and appreciate Jojo's music instead and contribute by replaying, liking, subscribing. that's how u support.

i don't really know...
u should date somebody famous,
that'll prolly put u on the A List
that'll prolly get u on em playlist
Stop u being so damn underrated...

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Her voice/tone is so R&B. Even on a folk song, I still hear soul.


That’s what I love about her! It’s not a put on. This is her authentic voice and it’s amazing.




A tiger can't change it's stripes... she is what she is... GREAT!


Country was just blues in the beginning anyway


This woman has always and will always have the most beautiful rawest talent. She sounds like a goddess everytime she sings. I've followed her whole career from her debut song leave get out. Got all her albums loved all her songs when she was independent. Her voice is captivating

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I'm all in for Jojo singing folk. Sometimes we all need to take a break from everything and just need some acoustic vibes.


And it really came on time!!!!🧚‍♀️


Omg so true! Love her folk vibe 😌🤍


I agree! Bae sounds amazing.I took a music and social justice class and when learning about folk music, I was completely amazed at how much it opens your mind to lyrics, when listening in acoustic versions. Also, the lyrics have deeper meanings.

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