Red River Rose
The Ames Brothers Lyrics

Marching along
To my Red River Rose
Waiting for me where
The Red River flows
Soon when the big
Yellow moon softly glows
I'll be embracing
My Red River Rose
As I marched down the trail
With my face to the west
My thoughts fly away
To the girl I love best

But there where the mountains
Reach up to the blue
My love promised me
She'd be faithful and true

[Repeat CHORUS]

The bugles were sounding
When we kissed goodbye
She smiled but I knew
She was ready to cry

Take care, dear, she whispered
Although you must go
Be brave and remember
That I love you so

She gave me a locket
That I'll always wear
Inside was a curl
From her bright golden hair

And when I was lonely
For comfort and cheer
I'd open that locket
And know she was near

[Repeat CHORUS]

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Comments from YouTube:

Raymond Rose

Just came over from the Lee Marvin video with him singing I was born under a wandering star and in the comments someone asks if the Ames Brothers where the backing singers could anyone confirm it’s the first i’ve heard any of their songs on this and i think they’re great

elmer zu

This song reminds me Mitcj Miller and The Yellow Rose of Texas or March Over River Kwai. It sounds like a bit of a marching tune but yet isn't. It's got a great beat for a good time favorite...something I've always noted with The Yellow Rose Of Texas. I may of heard this song once before, perhaps only for a moment casue I don't remember it. Thx4 postin & buy the way i'm familiar with the Ames Bros, for their " Melody D'amoure" & "The Naughty Lady", even tho they weren't classed as R&R.

elmer zu

@Ezdduf4kuZ is a marching song, I don't know how I didn't come to this conclusion while typing away and listening to this song for the first time. I had given it so much thought & it indeed is a marching off.....Thx4 postin'

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