The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane
The Ames Brothers Lyrics

The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Has hit the town like a bomb
The back-fence gossip ain't been this good
Since Mabel ran off with Tom
Our town was peaceful and quiet
Before she came on the scene
The lady has started a riot
Disturbing the suburban routine

The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Has the town in a whirl
The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Me-oh, my-oh, what a girl

You should see how she carries on
With her admirers galore
She must be giving them quite a thrill
The way they flock to her door
She throws those come-hither glances
At every Tom, Dick, and Joe
When offered some liquid refreshment
The lady never never says "no"

The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Has the town in a whirl
The naughty lady of Shady Lane
Me-oh, my-oh, what a girl

The things they're trying to pin on her
Won't hold much water, I'm sure
Beneath the powder and fancy lace
There beats a heart sweet and pure
She just needs someone to change her
And she'll be nice as can be
If you're in the neighborhood, stranger
You're welcome to drop in and see

The naughty lady of Shady Lane
So delightful to hold
The naughty lady of Shady Lane
So delectable
Quite respectable
And she's only nine days old

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Roy C. Bennett, Sid Tepper

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Comments from YouTube:

Allen Murray

I can't believe there is one dislike for this song. It was great when new and it is still great.

Minoo Sethna

Totally agree. Oh were they the days, good movies, wonderful songs before R & R came in

Malcolm Watts

This was a number 1 chart hit in 1954

Cristina Delgadillo

I absolutely agree!!


@ d'accord ~~


@Shannon Gardiner No, is because is old and new generations dont like oldies of this kind.

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Deed Sievering

This song has been embedded in my subconscious since I was little.  So, fifty or so years later, I've had three wonderful grandsons, and now in 2015, a granddaughter!  Parts of this song have filtered down into my brain, and yes, my granddaughter is "only NINE days old."  This beautiful song comes flooding back to me :)

G. Chapin Jr

I'm 43 we had this 45 when I was a kid I'm talking a child

Vicki Hornsby


Sue H

I suddenly remembered this song when someone mentioned Kool Aid. I remember it coming on the radio in summer when we were under the willow tree drinking Kool Aid, lol. And I must have been four. Funny the things we associate with songs. Congrats on the grand daughter. I didn't remember the ending to the song.

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