Blue Eyed Girl
The Arcadian Wild Lyrics

When you hold my hand in yours there is wonder written on your face.
I'd love to live inside your heart because it is a wonderful place.
Well, I've been writing songs about you before our paths ever crossed. Since I've been hanging around you I've been feeling a little less lost.
Blue eyed girl, let your hair hang down. Let the colors of your soul spill out for everyone to see.
In a world of black and white and gray you make something beautiful every day.
I can't think of a better way to spend the time I have. So I'll spend it with you, my blue eyed girl.
I'll march right along to your beat. The rhythm of your spirit makes me feel much more alive.
There's wisdom in the way you speak and I see "I love you" in your eyes.
Oh, I wouldn't mind staying up talking to you all night as you're telling me everything about the books you read.
Before you came along my skies were often dark and clouded, but the atmosphere is clear now that you're here.
I've heard my whole life that home is where the heart is, but I cannot feel at home when you're not near.

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