The Avalanches Lyrics

Massachusetts (Massachusetts) Institute of Technology
Home of complicated Computers and speak a mechanic image all of your own

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The best song Avalanches ever wrote imo.

Tristan David

i feel it on the same level too


That this stoned out bliss evolves so seamlessly from the pure insanity of "Frontier Psychiatrist" is but one of this album's many miracles


If you have such a thing as a soul, then this album touched mine. A work of genius.


"Massachusetts Institute of Technology, home of complicated computers which speak in a mechanical language all their own..." COMMENCE FUNK

Kurt Dahlke

If you made it here, you're a potential Avalanches fan.

CYan DiNo

Kurt Dahlke Yep.


Kurt Dahlke yes sir


so hard to choose a favorite from this album but this song always gives me the chills! i love the old skool phone ring! and the little voices saying "la la la" in the background. if you haven't already, join the Facebook page for The Avalanches! (by the way, Etoh is the medical term for alcohol as in booze)


ive followed the avalanches for a very long time and i always loved this song i think its truly inspirational for anyone out there also i didnt know but during the creation of the album there was over 3,500 vinyl samples used thats just bad ass lol =) thanks for the post mariohohoho

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