The Avalanches Lyrics

When I was a child and I ran around

All you kids are the same today
All you wanna do is play
You never want to work, or take any responsibility

Live a love, live a lifetime love

A.D.D. we at it again
Just doing some horrendous shit with my friends
We smoke out in public, sip beer out the can
That's just how we function, we don't give a fuck, I'm not sure if I can
I pull out a twelve foot, when they're too much they call me advancing
And now they just call the police
'Cause I'm 23 and black and won't pull up my pants
They say I'm a thief (they say I'm a thief)
They callin' me thug (they callin' me thug)
They say I'm a killer (they say I'm a killer)
I just say "wassup?" (I just say "wassup?")
They say I'm a thief (they say I'm a thief)
They callin' me thug (they callin' me thug)
They call me a killer (they say I'm a killer)
I just say "wassup?"

We be drivin' drunk, smokin' blunts, runnin' red lights
We be drivin', why

Put your hands off the steering wheel, please
Put it on the seat
License and registration please
Put that weed out
You know I pulled you over, right?
(yeah, yeah) We got a couple, you know
(hours) A Couple hours, haha
Yeah, you know
I mean, I'm sitting in my treehouse with a cup of coffee
We havin' a ball op here
Wildthing, I think I love you

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Robbie Chater, Arrias Walls, Dionte Rembert, Anthony Di Blasi

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Sigue la luz
Follow the light

Sostenlo en tu mano
Hold it in your hand

Nuestro amor pertenece entre las estrellas
Our love belongs among the stars

Expandiéndose desde dentro
Expanding from within

Verlos chocar
Seeing them collide

Siente que todo comienza
Feel it all begin

Nuestras almas pertenecen a las estrellas
Our souls belongs among the stars

Nuestros cuerpos no pueden contenerlos
Our bodies can't hold them in

Guía espiritual
Spirt guide

El amor proporciona
Love provides

Guías espirituales, necesidad espiritual
Spirit guides, spirit need

El amor proporciona todo lo que necesitamos
Love provides all that we need

Dios creó el espacio y el tiempo sin fin
God created space and time with no end

Si lo hizo una vez, puede hacerlo de nuevo.
If he did it once he can do it again

Como el amor interestelar brillando la luz desde arriba
Like interstellar love shining light from above

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“Have a drink , have good time, welcome to paradise!!!”

How Am I Looking?

No drink today. I brought some weed.

Jeffro Beaux Dean



The fact that music even exists, that it can BE, And that it's created by us humans - among the infinite wonder of Earth and the cosmos - that's proof enough we live in a paradise :)

So many of us needed an album like this... Desperately so...

Pol Ortellado

Best album of The Covid Era

victor arellano


Ric Novocore

and beyond

Universal Gleam

Leon’s voice takes this song to the stratosphere


You can say that again!

Cory Paringer

This live performance is beyond beatiful- the sound, the visuals, the energy The Avalanches have in playing it. Genuinely cannot wait for the album.

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