The Avalanches Lyrics

I love to fly
It's just you're alone
In peace and quiet
Nothing around you but clear blue sky

No one to hassle you
No one to tell you where to go or what to do
The only bad part about flying
Is having to come back down to the fucking world
(It's time to wake up, you're ready to wake up aren't you?)

'Cause it's gonna be a beautiful day today
Temperatures in the mid 70s in the city
A little cooler at the beaches
And warmer at the valleys as always!)

(Look at it, you gotta wake up! No arguing!)


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Comments from YouTube:

Harry Baez

John Sangster's In the Rain Forest playing backwards with the speak of ''Foxey'', but i like it, it just like the 70's memories cames back


David H Well it is really sad but a very good documentary that everyone should see if they are a newer generation.


@Sampl_456 not really. Awful sad depends on where you sit


@Deltron Streetwise is such a good documentary.


Whos Foxey. U mean “Rat” from “Streetwise” the one speaking

Sauce Cornhole

Fly high, Sky King.

Sauce Cornhole


Who else heard this first in the Yoga Mind Meld Zombie Relaxation Tape?

Second Wizards

I did.


Rat from streetwise

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