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The Rules
by The Backyardigans

We must be sneaky now

I must be sneaky

Especially sneaky now

Especially sneaky now

You can’t have shoes that are squeaky now, lady, you gotta be quiet, too

Quiet, too

Quiet, too...
Rule number one: be quiet; you cannot make a sound
Make sure your feet land softly when they step upon the ground

Okay, I must be quiet, I will not make a sound
But what if I must yell or shriek or howl like a hound?

You mustn’t even make a peep, or else we will be found
Pay attention, lady, ‘cause here’s rule number two
If you see that monster, do not let it play with you
If you play with the monster, lady, you’ll be through
‘Cause whoever plays with the monster will become a monster, too!

If I play with that monster, I’ll be a monster, too
Hey, that might be pretty neat, It might be fun to do

No that won’t be neat! It’s not what you should do!
So if you see that monster, do not let it play with you!
We’ll creep and sneak to peek around ‘till we find that soccer ball...

Soccer ball...

Till we find that soccer ball!

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