Break Away
The Beach Boys Lyrics

Break break shake away, break breakaway
Now I'm free to do what I want to do

Time will not wait for me, time is my destiny
Why change the part of me that has to be free
The love that passed me by, I found no reason why

But now each day is filled with the love, that very same love
That passed me by and that is why
I can breakaway from that lonely life
And I can do what I want to do
And breakaway from that empty life and my world is new

When I laid down on my bed I heard voices in my head
Telling me now hey it's only a dream
The more I thought of it I had been out of it
And here's the answer I found instead
(Baby baby) found out it was in my head (baby baby)
(Baby baby) found out it was my head (baby baby)
(Baby baby) found out it was in my head (baby baby)

And I can breakaway to the better life
Where the shackles never hold me down
I'm gonna make a way for each happy day
As my life turns around

Come on we're free to breakaway (oh boy you jump for joy)
Now won't you come on (when you breakaway)
You're free to breakaways (breakaway)
Come on you're free to breakaway (breakaway)
Now won't you come on (breakaway)
You're free to breakaways (breakaway)

Feel the vibrations in all the sensations, breakaway
Feel the vibrations in all the sensations, breakaway

Written by: Donald Dennis, Philip Burrell, Sheldon Campbell, Sly Dunbar, Phillips Burrell

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Les lumb


Leslie Lumb

Love the opening verses beautiful words

Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Steve Skouson

Seeing Carl Dean bouncing like that,
and his AMAZING voice, just awesome!
I'd LOVE to see Carl bounce again!

Now, can we do something about
Sasquatch? Sorry, Sasquatch the
Monk! (I'm pretty sure you know
what Little DOUCHE Coupe I'm
talking about.)


Steve Skouson

Alan does an AMAZING job, with
his falsetto voice. Matt Jardine
should be so good. Dennis, well
he is Dennis. Wish I had 10% of
his singing skill. I have zero% of
his drum skills.

Carl, I think I've said enough. BEST
voice I've ever heard!


All comments from YouTube:


A classic which should have been a hit.

Ian Kearns

Maybe a hit here in Australia, I was only 4 yo but my older brother who was 14 played it a lot on his record player and it stuck in my mind for 50 years. It came to me out of the blue this morning and had to look it up.


Here in the UK, we never fell out of love with the Beach Boys

steve55 sogood

@Allan Armstrong Got to number 6. Always stick this on the pub' jukebox!!!!

Allan Armstrong

It was a hit here in the uk

Heli-Crew HGS

Mike Love’s doing his best to appear as a Californian version of Rasputin.

Anthony Daniels

Excuse me - Mike is very clear that Rasputin was copying him!

Reggie Wandling


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