You Still Believe in Me
The Beach Boys Lyrics

I know perfectly well
I'm not where I should be
I've been very aware
You've been patient with me

Every time we break up
You bring back your love to me
And after all I've done to you
How can it be
(You still believe in me)

I try hard to be more
What you want me to be
But I can't help how I act
When you're not here with me

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully

(You still believe in me)

I want to cry...

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jacks smirking revenge


no need to apologise for being loquacious, at all

having lived an.. ahem.. interesting life and being fairly poor - i am somewhat familiar with mental disorders. i have known a few people with manic depression (or bipolar syndrome as it is now generally called) including a much loved former girlfriend.. i can therefore say that ive never got the same vibe of strangeness from any of them that i get when observing brian wilson. tbh with manic depressives youd be hard pushed to identify anything abnormal with them 98% of the time, and even their episodes are fairly benign in my experience

now what brian does remind me of however, is the various schizophrenics i have lived around in the past. but again a lot of schizophrenia sufferers you would have little chance of spotting without being told specifically, and im not a doctor so i cant tell you which type he most reminds me of. but ive definitely met people who have the condition in the past who remind me very much of brian wilson, and his strange, almost otherworldly disposition

though they say true genius is but a step away from madness

cheers for the compliments, im only 34 but very much enjoy sixties music.. the beatles especially (as it happens i believe pet sounds in general and god only knows(?) specifically paul mccartney regards as some of the greatest music ever written. im sure youre au fait with the whole rubber soul inspiring pet sounds which then inspired revolver so i wont bore you, but having been somewhat aware of the trials and tribulations of the 'smile' sound in wilson's head that he was desperate to get down on acetate i always thought it rather sad when on hearing 'strawberry fields forever' for the first time on the radio whilst driving in - im assuming '67 - brian wilson pulled over to the side of the road and burst into tears whilst sobbing that 'they did it, they got there first'. seems like with all the pressure and incidents you mentioned - he was rather close to the edge during that period

as for peter green.. yeah that for me is the fleetwood mac. he was considered over here the real genius on guitar as opposed to clapton. but the incident i referred to did seem to push him over the edge of a precipice from which he never really returned from fully

he went to some party with a decidedly dodgy german acid sect sometime in the latter sixties and had a trip which seemed to fry his brain, or bring on inherent mental illness that had lain dormant until that time

its a sad tale, he went through periods of homelessness, incarceration in mental facilities including electro shock 'treatment' and the genius behind 'albatross' and 'the green manalishi' was pretty much lost forever in any meaningfully creative capacity anyhow. in this period he actually gave away what later became one of the most expensive and rare guitars ever sold - his '58 sunburst les paul with the reversed pickups.. touted to be the most beautiful of all guitars when it comes to tone

..but i digress, this is already a monster reply to dwarf even yours 😁 take care, my friend 🖒

Edgar Roberts

You Still Believe in Me is such an interesting track, since it really sums up the bittersweet feeling of all of Pet Sounds.

When you first listen to the song and aren't paying attention to the finer details, you think it's just another generic happy, gooey love song. You read the song title, hear the melodic, pretty instrumental backing, don't catch any lyrics beyond the hook, and it ends up sounding like a cute feel-good track about a committed relationship.

But then you pay attention to what Brian is actually saying, and you realise how tonally dissonant the song is:

"I know perfectly well / I'm not where I should be"

"I try hard to be strong / But sometimes I fail myself"

"I want to cry"

I think the tension between the overall sound of the song and the events in the story that's actually being told is an aspect of the album's interest in adolescent angst and losing one's naivety as one enters adulthood.

Brian sort of constructs a first-person narrator character to this song, whose lyrics reveal the pain he's really going through. But Brian then adds this uplifting instrumental that represents the way the narrator understands his relationship with this other person: while he's really stuck in some toxic, unhealthy on-off relationship ("Every time we break up / You bring back your love to me"), his naive, rose-tinted view of things prevents him from recognising this. The song sounds like a cute generic love song because the narrator is deluded into thinking he's in some loving, wonderful relationship. It's a song about some innocent, still immature guy who can't yet recognise or process his deep emotional pain.

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Joel Mac

Maybe the saddest song ever in a major key.

João Victor

There are some minor songs that don't sound sad either, The Passenger (Am) by Iggy Pop for example.


Brian inserts darkness into the song when he goes into minor, chromatic, and diminished harmonies. The song is mostly happy to me though.

Metrowolf 22


The Chicken Nugget of Fate

Check out "For Nothing" by OSI! Very sad song in Db Major!

Steve Mack

@Adam Ziegler It is, though. Read the lyrics without the music. It's a guy that's loves a girl and she blows him off and he's really depressed. And it's in a bright and major composition.

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Music Man

The melodies from the Pet Sounds album are not of the earthly realm.

Patricia Keller


Ruben Saenz

The melodies are the best ever!

Dhammadeep Bhagat

@Rajiv Sinha maybe Revolver / Sgt Pepper

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