Let Off a Couple
The Beatnuts Lyrics

Check it , I can make you dance, Make you lay way back
Fat styles become a stack when I rip up tracks
Kickin' back, I sit back and puff a Phil
The cool is so damn chill, freeze MC's at will
Still be comin' back for motion, can't be stale
Breakin' sucker niggas off like a press-on nail
I inhale, I exhale, Now I'm zoning
Freak a fat flow from night 'til the morning
She gonen, cause I fuckin' stole that witch
Swept you home like a broom, then I roll that witch
Switch over to the right hand or back to the left
See, whichever one I use, yo, it still spells def
D-E-F, And I do work with these
Lift a chick with my dick like I'm Hercules
Jerk me please, help me let off some of this cream
Comin' down on you in drops just like pieces of a dream
Seems like I am a mother, so word to me
Burnin' mother-fuckin' rappers in the third degree
Servin' thee, or a so-called superstar
Cause no matter who you are, you still catch a bullet scar

Click, click, BAM! Let off a couple
One for the beef, two for the trouble
Three for my niggas that are ready to set it
World's famous...Man, forget it

[Psycho Les]
Still livin' foul, yo, ain't nothing changed
So I'm a hit you with a rhyme-shot at point-blank range
But still hardcore and everything that goes with it
Gettin money plus I'm bagging all the ho's and shit
To the critics, tryin to sweat the life I live
I got a fully loaded clip and no love to give
So don't stress me, cause I ain't tryin' to hear that trash
Come test me and I'ma have to bust yo, bust yo, bust yo...


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Comments from YouTube:

Clifton Edwards

One of my absolute favorite Beatnuts tracks! That Monty Alexander sample is buttery!

Spicy Red Lipstick

Luis Rojas thanx

Luis Rojas

Dee Robi Love & Happiness. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Spicy Red Lipstick

Clifton Edwards what song did they sample from Monty Alexander?


My fav shit off this album..tho its one of the most complet albums in hip hop history. Def top 20 of this era

Merce Mercero

....Dope track, But way too short!

cassidy erickson


Mario Garcia

they have a part 2 which is the same beat but more verses on it so its around 3 minutes. its dope too

Leff phield

"Worlds famous Maaaaan forget it" Β Like you know the deal! Ha ha!

Julian Wood

A Classic Classic. Man wish rappers could make hits like this .miss the 90's .This group was well under rated .Should've gotton more recognition. .Come back Beatnuts , come back and show these rappers of today how its done .Ju Ju.

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