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The Beatnuts Lyrics

"And yes y'all...the sounds that you hear are def to your ear"

It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all
It's like that-that-that, like that y'all (Repeat 2x)

Yeah them niggas be flipping that old ill
Just makes me feel with the skill sort of flow with the real
Will you pass it? Yep, I won't drop it
I could rock it, I got soul in my pocket, don't lock it
Just let me in to fill up the mem-brane
Donkeys over there, yep I'm so glad them came
Come, hey do you want to cum? Well come and get some
I get you drunk like bum, hum
The cool, so baby let me funk you down
Put cracks in your back with this Beatnuts sound
Junkyard with the flip, back with the title
So slow be the flow and it go with my recital
My idol, my tougne be fucking double-time kicking
Lyrics are so slick that the words be just like Rico-
cheting (bing) Shit too real, know what I'm saying?
The fucking beat might drop, but my rhymes just keep on playing
Playing, I guess I'm just too bad, hey, like if I had a twin
cool F-A-S-H-I-O to the N
And that's how we do it, and that's how it go
World Famous in the house so just act like you know, aiight?

It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all
It's like that-that-that, like that y'all (Repeat 2x)

It's the real beat digger, how you figure
I would ever take my finger off the trigger for some crab niggas
That the way I live that's how I'm saying
And yo people need to mind they biz and stop playing
I get lifted though I'm not a drug abuser
I got more heart than 20 niggas in a Land Cruiser
Plus I got more loops than hula hoops
Beats that make you go buckwild like Palestinian troops
It's the funk, can you feel it?
I live for the funk and I die to reveal it
I keep a reel so you know the groove is major
The kicks make you vibrate like if you was a pager
I know some niggas didn't think that we could do this
Lay some old ill shit down with the smoothness
So come on and feel the groove if you're with it
We hope that you dug it, cause that's why we did it

It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all
It's like that-that-that, like that y'all (Repeat 2x)


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Comments from YouTube:

Callum Brown



i played this track soooooo much. im acaully loeaving right now to their show....im abit late but im stoked


Pure Brilliance its amazing how much the standard of beat making has fallen since the early 90's

Alexis Camoille

THIS SONG WAS OUR FAVORITE song to ride out to our senior year of high school. We knew when we had our big bubble coats and timbs we were killen them. Beatnuts is classic..stay tuned, remake coming...

Xzavier Andrews


Kendall Jones

Good days wow golden era 90 s 2014 BUMP  IT UP 

Alexis Camoille

Everytime we left high school for the day, I wanted to hear this song! My boy would make everyone suffer thru it. I was his crush (i didn’t know) I just thought he liked the song too.

Fercho Andres

I hope you showed him some love ! he seems to have had great taste. blessings.

Jae Beez

miss jones is singing the hook


aaaaahhhhhh that fresh, smooth Hugo Montenegro sample!!!

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