Beggar to a King
The Big Bopper Lyrics

You changed a beggar into a king.

I had sunk as low as a man could go,
The world had turned me down. (Turned me down.)
But you picked me up an' you kissed me sweet,
An' you whispered, "I'll always be around."

You tore the rags from off my back,
And you placed a crown on my head.
Now, you walk beside me because,
Y'changed a beggar into a king.

A begger ain't got no shoes for his feet,
No coat to keep him warm.
But your arms will hold me and keep me-hee warm,
Y'changed a beggar into a king.
You changed a beggar into a king.


Contributed by Hudson G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This guy was a talent not seen often. So sad he went so soon. Thanks for posting. Brings back my youth.

Django Münchhausen

he is wonderfull

Tony Davis

This song was not his first.....this was recorded in 1957, his first record was made in 1954 with "Boppers Boogie Woogie" 4 tracks were recorded on that session only 2 survive.....2 were lost/destroyed.....great posting/track though....

rockonthestone 64

didn't know Boogie Woogie was from as early as 1954! Thought it was late 58.
That's awesome!

Harold Sink

This is the first time I've ever heard of this song and heard it sung.  Thank you for posting it. The only songs I ever heard of his were on his last album (at least I think it was his last) Chantilly Lace.

Marvin Thayer

I have a vinyl of George jones doing this from about 1962.


WOW!!! Great song by a "GREAT TALENT".
"Hello Baby!!!"


remarkable voice..god bless the man and his family


You got that story screwed up.

John W Landry

First time I heard this version of The Big Bopper himself singing his own song.Not bad,but I'll stick with Hank Snow's myself.

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