Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor
The Big Bopper Lyrics

While walkin' through the woods not far from town
I got real shook, I heard the strangest sound
I saw the Purple People Eater and to my surprise
The Witch Doctor sittin' by his side

The Witch Doctor had a little guitar in his hand
And they were boppin' and a-rockin' with a two-piece band
Purple was a-blowin' like a People Eater should
Witch Doctor picked like Johnny B. Good
There went-a

"Oh, Doc I got troubles" that's a-what he said
"Girls keep a-laughin' 'bout the horn in my head"
The Witch Doctor smiled and I heard him say
"Yeah man, ya ugly but you sure can play"

There in the moonlight it seemed so strange
As they blowed a chorus of "Home On The Range"
They were comin' in strong like a rock 'n' roll stars
Made the sweetest music a-this side of Mars

They went-a

These cats from outer space were givin' their all
And I could tell the way they rocked that they were havin' a ball
They were comin' on strong, I was clappin' my hands
Stopped long enough to say "Crazy, man!"

So at twilight time when the sun go down
Back in the woods on the edge of town
People all a-gather from a-miles around
To hear Doc and ol' Purple play the crazy sounds

They go
Ooh-ee (Oh yeah)
One more time

And your sick, sick, sick set
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Woo hoo hoo hoo
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Writer(s): ramone johnson, jape richardson

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Comments from YouTube:

Dale Cidno

Is it just me or was the audio engineering on this song incredibly ahead of its time?

Stella Omega

I'm always surprised by vintage production quality being better than I remember

mike patrick

great production...

Darth Soros

The bopper was dropping acid before It was cool!


'Hey man you're ugly but you sure can play!'


cal kal

wonder who the DJ was who got this and decided the b side was good enough for airtime ?


I'm not 100% positive but I think a DJ named Murray the "K" Kauffman a DJ from LA was the guy who played this! after all he played "Wipe Out" the first time in '63!

Lucian Higginbotham

It fits in perfectly with the novelty songs of that era. Who knows where his career would have gone. He might have become the first modern day Wolfman Jack, tv, movies. Sad day for rock and roll.


Had this be a hit instead of Chantilly Lace it would've been the greatest marketing trick in pop music. Mixing two current pop hits' song names together to make one novelty hit.


some of the best starts HELLO BABY

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