By The Way
The Big Three Lyrics

By the way that you look,
I can see your the best in to-o-o-wn,
(Best in town)
By the way that you kiss,
I can tell that you've been aro-o-ound,
(Been around),
I can tell that your the one,
By the way you keep me thinking of you,
Oh by the way I love you.
By the way you walk,
I can see your the girl for me-e-e-e,
(Girl for me)
By the way that you smile,
I can tell you'll always be-e-e,
(Always be)
I can tell that your the one,
By the way you keep me thinking of you,
Oh by the way I love you.

I saw you once walking by,
On the street where I lived,
I knew right then,
I would give everything I could give,
To spend my days with you,
It seems my dreams come true,
And I can tell at a glance,
That I still have a chance with you.

By the way that your eyes seem to shine,
I can tell your mi-i-ine,
(Tell your mine)
By the way that your lips are apart,
I am sure it's time
(sure it's time)
To tell that your the one,
By the way you keep me thinking of you,
Oh by the way I love you,
I love you,
I love you.

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Great mersey sound!!!

pinchold pinch

Funny - I was 17 when this was out and I loved it. My son is 16 now and when I played it to him he laughed and said it was old-fashioned. Guess I'm still old-fashioned like I was in 1963 when I was 17

Alf Ching

I was also 17 in 1963 ane see this group Live at the Cavern, and Shorditch town Hall London,

The Internet Killed Music

Early 60s songs were so cute :)

paul endicott

been looking for this since 1965 !

ian gourlay

Use to air drum to this when I was fifteen. Great to hear it again. Cheers Ian


Rip : Johnny Hutch (18 July 1939 - 12 April 2019) . Lead singer & drummer for the The Big Three .. Rated the most accomplished drummer in Liverpool at the time, he had sat in as a drummer with Joh Lennon's pre Beatles group The Silver Beatles, In 1962 he knocked back an offer from the Beatles manager to be thier drummer after Pete Best was fired. Although he sat in as the drummer for 3 gigs with the Beatles he decided that being with them full time wasn't for him & something that he has said he never regretted. He retired from the music industry in 1966

Jack Marlow

Great Mitch Murray song in the same vain as I Like It and How Do You Do It

Robert Moore


Tower of Power

BY THE WAY druhý hit skupiny The Big Three, ktorý bol od 11. júla 1963 v rebríčku 10 týždňov a skončil na 22.m. Tvorili ju Brian Griffiths solo gitara, Johny Gustafson basová gitara a Johnny Hutchinson bicie. Skupina nahrala EP Live At The Cavern.V novembri 1963 Griffiths a Gustafson odišli a vytvorili The Seniors. Neskôr hral v Merseybeats a Roxy Music a Quatermass. Hutchinson pokračoval v Big Three s dvomi bývalými členmi Faron Flamingos Billy Ruffley basová gitara a Paddy Chambers solová gitara.

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