I'm Not the One
The Black Keys Lyrics

I've been tried, and I've been tested
I was born tired, I never got arrested
Harder than marble stone
I'm better off, better off left alone

'Cause I am not the one
No I am not the one
You wanted it all,
But I give you, give you none
Oh, I am not the one

Well, like a toy, to a kid
I said jump, and mama you did
And you know, your daddy knows
And your mama knows that's wrong
So now it's time for me to move on

'Cause I'm not the one
No, I am not the one
You wanted it all
But I give yo, give you none
I'm not the one

No, oh no, no

No, oh no, no
I'm not the one

You think that I am normal
All these years, I'm just trying to warn you
Youd do good to move on
No it won't, it won't hurt me none

'Cause I am not the one
No, I am not the one
But you wanted it all
But I give you, give you none
I am not the one
No, I'm not the one
Yeah, oh, no, I'm not the one

The one, not the one for you, no the one

Written by: Daniel Auerbach, Patrick Carney

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Comments from YouTube:


Sad this song has 9 (now 10 comments) .. only 7k views.... wtf... This band is one of the greatest sounds I feel honoured to have been able to witness with my ears for more than a few years now..


I completely agree


Didnt read the complete video title eh ? 🤦‍♂️

Zachery Santa

I remember when I got rejected by the girl I liked, I played this song on the way home. Really hit hard.

Liam Kerrigan

Such an underrated Keys song

Samuel Langell

Im singing this to my wife. Im done with her today.

The Cellar

How's the new life goin?

El Steele

Go be great king 👑🙌🏾

Anne E

Amazing, beautiful powerful song


Ten years ago I used this to break up with someone. I'm still not the one.

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