The Lengths
The Black Keys Lyrics

Tell me where you're goin or
What is going wrong
I felt you leavin before
You'd even gone
And hold me now
Or never ever hold me again
No more talk
Can take me away from this pain I'm in

See the moonlight shinin on
Your window pane
See it leave you as
Faithful as it came
Please yourself so you
Don't have to be afraid
Make amends
Or carry on another way

Tell me what you were thinkin
To treat somebody so
The care he took the
Lengths to which he'd go
Coals are hot to walk
Across without your shoes
But in the end
Know that you got nothin to lose


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Alx Nmn

This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

Tell me where you're goin',
What is goin' wrong,
I felt you leavin',
Before you'd even gone,
Hold me now,
Or never, ever,
Hold me again,
No more talk,
Could take me from this,
Pain I'm in,
Pain I'm in,

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This song came on in my car when I was driving my dog to the vet to be put down this past summer. I still get teary-eyed every time I hear this song. Miss you, buddy...

Niel Du Toit

kak prati

George Simons

Ahhh that's deep man. RIP almost 10 years!

Ricky C

i’m sad to hear that. i’m sure your dog loved the time it spent with you. 9 years later he’s still with you in your heart i’m sure ❤️

Barbara Pineda

Is so sad, my doggygri Theiky fight vs cancer. I really hope we win the battle


Your breaking my heart.💔

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Raisha Hussain

This is literally one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, it's like the guitar is gently weeping I love it so much


listen to 'no distance left to run' by Blur


I came here just now to type "dan auerbach makes me cry like a little girl on this one every time...a few others I'm sure too

Titty Kitty Cookie

And that's Blues, baby.

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