Tighten Up
The Black Keys Lyrics

I wanted love, I needed love
Most of all, most of all
Someone said true love was dead
And I'm bound to fall, bound to fall
For you
Oh, what can I do?

Take my badge but my heart remains
Lovin' you, baby child
Tighten up on your reins
You're runnin' wild, runnin' wild
It's true

Sick for days, so many ways
I'm achin' now, I'm achin' now
It's times like these I need relief
Please show me how, oh, show me how
To get right
Yes, out of sight

When I was young and moving fast
Nothin' slowed me down, oh, slowed me down
Now I let the others pass
I've come around, oh, come around
'Cause I've found

Livin' just to keep goin'
Goin' just to be sane
All the while not knowin'
Such a shame
I don't need to get steady
I know just how I feel
Tellin' you to be ready
My dear

Written by: Daniel Quine Auerbach, Patrick James Carney

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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew Sullivan

got to love the way they combine child like inocence and girl troubles. truely a master peice.

Hayden Spears

man buddy holly and ron weasley with a beard make some good music

Luis Reyes

Nice Parents


I think that watching my kid get in a fistfight with my best friend's kid over a girl would be the proudest moment of my life.


Ah, so now I know who made this song. Learn something new every day. Great song, really.

Alec Brigante

i love sitting in the arena with ibra listening to this

Mae Capio

I'm in love with The Black Keys. I introduced them to my boyfriend, he is now also in love with them. Our relationship has been amazing since.


after ten minutes of brutally beating his kid, "maybe we should go break it up now"

Andy Benji

This is the song I hear playing in my head whenever an attractive girl walks by.

Nathan Chick

Feel like I learned some great parenting with this video

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