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A Little Bit Lonesome A Little Bit Blue
The Blue Shadows Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Blue Shadows:

A Thousand Times I told you no a thousand times Don't try to make…
Coming On Strong Now if I'm coming on strong* It's cuz you're driving me…
Deliver Me Driving at midnight and the moon is* Looking right at me I…
If I Were You (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) If I were you* Well I wou…
If It Ain't Rockin' Well when something ain't jumping* That what I can't take An…
On The Floor Of Heaven (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) On the floor of heaven* …
The Fool Is the Last One to Know (*Billy Cowsill/Ralph Boden Johnson) Now I'm just a workin…
Think On It So much work are some stories* Sometimes they just hide the…

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Sofia Garcia

Arizona moon keep shining
From the desert sky above
You know pretty soon
That big yellow moon
Will light the way back to the one you love.
Blue shadows on the trail
Little cowboy, close your eyes and dream
All of the doggies are in the corral
All of your work is done
Just close your eyes and dream little pal
Dream of someone
Blue shadows on the trail
Soft wind blowing through the trees above
All the other little cowboys
Back in the bunkhouse now, so
Close your eyes and dream

John Coleman

@Obsidious Marical, the very definition of canned, in this context, is that it’s recorded in a studio, it’s an obvious skit on how artificial historically studio scenes look to us now.

It’s screaming artificiality, in fine detail, ironically.

Not a spec of dust on Dusty’s clothes while he’s stretched out on the desert floor. They’re make believing they’re still in a studio.

Even Steve’s nostalgia is fake, see how he raises his eyebrow, because it’s not actually part of his heritage. It’s literally an act for him, it’s how his character makes a living. He’s winging the nostalgia, he’s completely out of his environment and depth, oblivion to the reality he’s actually in and the danger ahead.

My favourite bit is when Dusty, who goes around like he’s in a constant dust storm, no idea what’s really going on around him, asks the poor Mexican family if they have anything other than Mexican food.

As an Irishman who grew up in rural insular Ireland, it’s always going to be funnier to me, because it’s only funny if it’s based on something true.

Again, a great movie with so many layers.

A classic.

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some random kid

This movie is still so under rated

Clark Ysewyn

It was ahead of its time I love rewatching this it always brings me a smile 😊


That surprised look when they heard Martin Short had a great singing voice. Always loved when his part came up.

Kyle William Marston

He’s got one heck of a smile dont he?

Don Hawk


Ey It’s Mattyyy

Goodnight, ned

Ben Sokolow

How is this simple little song so good?

Jarrod Davis

I didn’t realize I’d been a fan of Randy Newman since my teens. This song is pure genius.

garry spellman

The writer, Randy Newman, is a master of keeping it simple but with big impact. Check out his album ' Good 'ol Boys '.


This song sums up my feelings about my home state Arizona. The warm fuzzy feeling you think about Arizona sunsets with the Moon coming out are really true. 🌵🏜👍

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