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And The Curtains Close
The Blue Shadows Lyrics

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A Thousand Times I told you no a thousand times Don't try to make…
Coming On Strong Now if I'm coming on strong* It's cuz you're driving me…
Deliver Me Driving at midnight and the moon is* Looking right at me I…
If I Were You (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) If I were you* Well I wou…
If It Ain't Rockin' Well when something ain't jumping* That what I can't take An…
On The Floor Of Heaven (*Billy Cowsill/Jeffrey Hatcher) On the floor of heaven* …
The Fool Is the Last One to Know (*Billy Cowsill/Ralph Boden Johnson) Now I'm just a workin…
Think On It So much work are some stories* Sometimes they just hide the…

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Let us all go on
See us all get along
Let the young girls ride
See them hanging on
Open up this land
Get us on our way
To a new world we'll ride
Into another day

We don't have to get old
Til we finally know
What does and don't matter anyhow
Like the ghosts of who loved you
Who did what to who
Nobody loves you like I do
Oh now who who loves you
Who did what to who
No one loves you like I do

Let them all go on
See them all get along
Let the cowboys ride
See them hanging on
Well some got caught
And some were hung
Let the cowboys ride
Hear them sing their song

They don't have to get old
Till they finally know
What does and don't matter anyhow
Like the ghosts of who loved you
Who did what to who
Nobody loves you like I do
Oh now who who love you
Who did what to who
No one loves you like I do

Let the cowboys ride (Let the cowboys ride)
Let the cowboys ride (Let the cowboys ride)

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Richard Sherbaniuk

Billy Cowsill saved my life in the summer of 2002 as I was dying of the booze. Got me into a treatment facility pronto, called me or visited me every day, introduced me to his last band the Co-Dependents, and I spent many a recovery night listening to those boys in various venues. If it wasn't for Billy I'd be a pile of ashes in an urn. A kinder heart God never created. Cherish your memory forever.

lindy frank

He took care of his dad bud till he passed...I mean if you can show mercy and love for the a hole.

William Nelson

Honest to God, this is exactly what every kid with a guitar and amp in the garage wanted to BE,  to DO,  to HAVE. -a few close friends, a good idea, a decent sound altogether and the courage to stand up and sing and play for others. If you have ever done so, -ever known that feeling of being worthy to entertain your peers, you know that nothing can touch it. It's not the money,
it certainly is not the alcohol or the drugs, -or even the fame. It just isn't. It's about being good-enough to entertain others.

gabriel brown

God I just love this song and performance! They should have been massive!

Sandra Dziedziula

LOVE THIS BAND. rest in peace, billy.


Absolutely love this song. 4 primary chords yet a melody, tasy flourishes, and a delivery that just kills it. And Hatcher's tone is just so cool. I wish I had found the Blue Shadows years ago. Criminal that a song like this hasn't been heard by millions of Country and Alt-Country USA fans.

Stewart Atkin

I loved these guys. Got to see them live in Montreal , one of the most enjoyable shows that I even attended in my life.

Steve Weiman

What an absolutely wonderful live performance. These guys make it seem effortless. Top of their game. Reminds me so much of watching - listening to The Beatles in say, '64, '65 era. Talent yes, but even more to dedication and just plain road miles. Work. And the love for what they do. Thanks for posting this..........

Saskatchewan Leafer

They deserved more attention for sure. Jeff Hatcher was in his prime here. You can tell he improved from his earlier records. These guys were so good.

Music Lover

Saw these guys quite a bit in Calgary - always a treat. As for why they weren't "massive"? In Billy Cowsill's own words..."OK..we were three vegetarians and a do you think it turned out?"

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